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Wan Shi Da Bakery: Chicago's humble shop for Asian-style treats

A chance encounter upon a humble Chinatown bakery proved a diverse, new and interesting experience. Experienced in European-inspired desserts and being a first-timer in the realm of Asian treats and desserts, the Wan Shi Da Bakery seemingly offered the largest and most diverse array of baked wares seen in this Examiner’s bakery quest.

A friendly bakery in the heart of Chicago's Chinatown offers huge selection of Asian baked goods and treats.
Lynn Gackowski
Chicago's Modest Asian Bakery
Lynn Gackowski

Diverse Selection
Upon entering the bakery, there were many counters, shelves and cases stacked full of savory and sweet goods, from the meaty flavorings of baked sausage buns, pork cookies and egg custard to the sweet temptations of various types of cheesecake, fruit pastries and tarts. For refreshments, there are many different types of teas served: Chinese milk tea, iced lemon tea and a variety of bubble teas. The Chinese iced lemon tea was very good and refreshing.

Mango Cheesecake: The mango cheesecake was good, leaving a very airy and light texture. Something to note would be that it did not have a distinct mango flavor. This is good for those who don’t like an overly sweet taste.

Pistachio Roll: While the pistachio roll looked amazing and tasted fresh, it was hard to taste the pistachio flavoring. Again, this could be a good thing for those who don't enjoy overly sweet desserts.

Almond Cookie: The almond cookie was not a bakery favorite. It was on the dryer side and lacked a lot in taste.

Inexpensive Pricing
All baked items are priced very competitively, allowing for one to purchase and try a vast assortment of different savory and sweet items. Of important note, make sure to bring money with you as it is cash only.

Modest Dining Experience
This bakery is a no-frills dining experience and somewhat reminiscent of an old musty cafeteria. The exterior and inside dining area welcome patrons like that of the local hole-in-the-wall dive with outdated and very modest decor. While not a five-star dining experience, every bakery addict should travel outside of their comfort zone. Wan Shi Da Bakery resides in the heart of Chinatown at 2229 S Wentworth Ave Chicago, IL 60616.

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