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Wambli Eagleman proud gay native actor 'Drunktown's Finest' to 'Lone Ranger'

Wambli Eagleman descends from the Lakota Sioux & Navajo tribes. He is an actor who landed the role of a gay male named “Eugene” in the indie film “DrunkTown's Finest.” It premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival 2014. It is now traveling the festival circuit. The movie follows three natives who struggle while coming-of-age on an Indian reservation in the state of New Mexico.

Native American Actor
Wambli Eagleman

At the other end of the spectrum which is the American west. Wambli worked on the big budget film “The Lone Ranger” 2013. He went from a bullied homosexual in “Finest” to a full on Native Warrior. The movie was filmed mainly in New Mexico & used over 1,000 native background extras.

Wambli's TV work includes, “Into the West”, “In Plain Sight” & “Breaking Bad.” He also appeared in the movies, “Meet the Millers”, “Cowboys and Aliens” & “MacGruber.” As Wambli continues to work as an actor whose range obviously knows no bounds. He spends a great deal of time helping & feeding the homeless. He answers a few questions for us below on being a gay native male, the less fortunate & just being himself.

Why do you work tirelessly for the Homeless? “My reason for helping the homeless would be because in a way, I feel and know the struggle. One point in my life while growing up, I remember we lived in a van for 2 months until we got help. We would at times, go to the food banks and eat along with the homeless. I really thank my parents for taking us to the homeless places and showing us that life is not easy for everyone. To be extra thankful and grateful for things you have in life. Things in my life, I'm very grateful about, so in return I give back to those in need.”

“I volunteer at churches feeding the homeless. On weekends my family and I buy goods and go around the city feeding the homeless. When winter comes around, we buy winter stuff and pass it out to the homeless to stay warm. We give money to homeless veterans too. I guess I'm just all about helping out. I don't ask for anything in return or do it for bragging rights. I do it because it's just the right thing to do. I don't like seeing people suffer. I love the smiles and laughter I get from helping others.”

Did you portray a gay man in any movies? How did you feel about your character? “My most recent role in the film called, 'DrunkTowns Finest.' My character is a bullied homosexual who is also good friends with a Transsexual. Playing my character of 'Eugene.' I would say I didn't play 'Eugene.' It's more like 'Eugene' played me. He gets bullied, name called, & harassed. Basically, every bullied male/female in the LGBT community go through what 'Eugene' goes through.”

You worked on the big budget western film as a native Warrior in "The Lone Ranger." Do you think that because you are gay it might hurt your chances of getting on another big budget movie? Or does that matter to you? “I don't think being gay would hurt my chances in the film industry at all. At least I hope it would not hurt my chances. But either way it doesn't really matter.”

Mainstream films in Hollywood still have the gay feminine male stereotypes? How does that make you feel? “It bugs me a little, I mean not all gay men are feminine like the Hollywood films make it. When I came out to my mother, her first thought was (that) I was going to start wearing dresses and make up. Ha ha...,”

If someone wrote a biography film on your life. What would it be about? “A boy just wanting acceptance, being free and comfortable. A boy facing the challenges in life of being accepted by his peers. Growing up being raised by a single mother of 7 kids. Losing his only supporter, his little sister, his senior year of high school. 5 years later a father to cancer who never knew his son was gay. I guess just really, a kid living his life everyday to the fullest.”

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