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Walworth county candidates seek branch 4 circuit court seat

Four candidates bring different but relatively important law practice experiences in competition for the Walworth County circuit court branch 4 bench currently occupied by Michael S. Gibbs:

Mark Bromley specializes in business bankruptcy serving fifteen years on the investigative committee for the Office of Lawyer Regulation. He is also a Walworth County board supervisor and chairs the Administrative Council of the La Grange United Methodist Church. Bromley claims that he is uniquely qualified to discern complex evidence involving gang activities, drug dealing, and white collar embezzlement schemes. He states that the courts need to prevent re-victimization of sex crime victims during criminal proceedings against sex offenders. While supporting tough justice, Bromely seeks to reduce jail time through treatment and education programs. "These programs reduce the likelihood of future offenses, save taxpayer dollars, and does so at a fraction of the cost of incarceration."

David Danz says 30 years of experience in criminal, family/juvenile and civil courtrooms enables him to work effectively as a judge to protect the public. Danz takes a 'no tolerance' approach to crime. "Those who cannot conform to the standards of a civilized society must be separated from the rest of us." Sex offenders, likewise, must be assessed and penalized according to the magnitude of the offense and under continual surveillance. Danz advocates a program dubbed "Alternatives to Incarceration" used by Kenosha and Racine counties to reduce crowding in jails.

Scott Letteney hails as a municipal judge for the Town of Geneva for 11 years, a criminal defense attorney for 22 years, and an active-duty and reserve Air Force judge advocate for 21 years. "I've heard more than 20,000 cases as a judge," says Letteney. He supports deployment of the latest technologies to keep courts cost effective. While work release programs don't seem to work, according to Letteney, other programs used in other counties such as drug and veteran courts can enhance rehabilitation and reduce recidivism. Letteney's support of offender education is nevertheless tempered by a stern look at crime. "Those who are convicted should receive the harshest possible sentence to ensure they are punished, that further crime is deterred, and society is protected."

David Reddy, Walworth County Court Commissioner, promises positive changes through community service and the prompt scheduling of court cases. He responds to the three issues facing the judicial system -- self-represented litigants, alcohol and drug abuse, and jail overcrowding -- by educating the public and identifying programs that work. "A practical solution to reduce the jail population while staying tough on crime is to establish a drug court where jail inmates are screened and given alternatives to incarceration through treatment sessions."

The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Other political contests throughout Walworth County:

Town of Bloomfield
1100 Town Hall Rd
PO Box 609
Pell Lake WI 53157

Town board: Incumbents Susan Leedle, N698 Ridge Road, Lake Geneva, and Daniel Schoonover, N1675 County H, Lake Geneva, face newcomers JoAnn Kendzior, W1316 Eastwood Road, Pell Lake, and Dave Nusberger, W873 Juneau Road, Genoa City, respectively.

Municipal judge: David Schiltz, W1338 Lake Geneva Highway, Lake Geneva, is unopposed in seeking election to the position to which he was appointed in April 2009.

Town of Darien
N2826 Foundry Rd
PO Box 370
Darien WI 53114

Town board: Incumbents Jim Terpstra, N3362 Elm Ridge Road, Delavan, and Matthew Smith, W8264 Highway 11, Delavan, are unchallenged.

Town of Delavan
5621 Town Hall Road
Delavan, WI 53115

Town board: Incumbent Barbara J. Militello, 3236 South Shore Drive, Delavan, is challenged by Richard W. Bonsall, 115 Glenwood Road, Williams Bay, and former board member Wayne K. Polzin, 7090 Delview Ave.

City of Delavan
123 S Second Street
?Delavan, WI 53115?

Council members Ron Siedelmann and John Finley challenge incumbent Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis.

Municipal judge: Incumbent LeRoy Himebauch, 953 Racine St., is challenged by James Ritchie, 519 Betzer Road, No. F.

School board: Incumbents Joey Scholle Torkelson, N3695 Oak Hill St., Delavan, and James M. Hansen, 159 S. Walworth St., Darien, are unopposed.

Town of East East Troy
N9330 Stewart School Road
East Troy, WI 53120

School board: Board member Dawn Buchholtz is the only incumbent seeking re-election. Michael Zei is not running. Brian Wexler, W3325 County Road A, Elkhorn, has filed as a candidate for one of the two open board seats.

Village of East Troy
2015 Energy Drive
East Troy, WI 53120

Village board: Board members Randy Timms, John Alexander and Bill Joas are seeking re-election. Ann Zess, 2062 Division St., and Christopher Gultch, 2802 Woodview Court, have filed as candidates for the three open board seats.

Municipal judge: Incumbent Michael Cotter is running unopposed.

City of Elkhorn
?9 S Broad Street
?Elkhorn, WI 53115

Mayor: Incumbent John Giese is not running. Three candidates have filed for the open seat: James Boardman Sr., 312 West Fourth Ave.; Gary L. Payson Sr., 1229 Robincrest Lane, and Alderman Howie Reynolds, who represents District 1.

City Council: Incumbents Ron Dunwiddie, District 3, Scott McClory, District 4, and Julie Taylor, District 6, are running unopposed.

School board: Incumbents Carol Burton and Wendy Carlson are running unopposed.

Village of Fontana
175 Valley View Drive
Fontana, WI 53125

Village board: Three seats are available. Incumbents Patrick Kenny, 785 Indian Hills Road; Diane Lewis, 650 S. Main St., and Bill Turner, 393 N. Lakeshore Drive, are seeking re-election. They will face challengers Cindy Wilson, 813 Van Slyke Drive, who currently serves on the community development authority, and Peggy L. Pollitt, 442 Harvard Ave., who previously served as village treasurer and currently serves as the comptroller in Lake Geneva.

Municipal judge: Incumbent David C. Jensen, 738 Adahi Way, is seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

School board: Two seats are available. Incumbent Ellen Zitzler is not seeking re-election, but newcomer Rallee Chupich, N1844 Six Corners Road, Walworth, is seeking the Walworth Township seat. Incumbent Jennifer Keefe, 1014 S. Lakeshore Drive, Fontana, faces newcomer Craig C. Workman, 280 Stearns Road, Fontana, for the Fontana seat.

Genoa City
715 Walworth Street
Genoa City, 53128

Village board: Three seats are available. Incumbents Donald Fort and Marc Harren are not seeking re-election, but incumbent Ken Parker, 467 Valley View Drive, is seeking re-election. Former village trustee Edward Lilla, 905 N. Center St., along with newcomers Eric Boxer, 462 Fellows Road, and Chester Juszczyk Jr., 676 Partridge Parkway, also have filed.

School board: Three seats are available, and incumbents Mary Goad, 243 Deer Path Drive, Genoa City; Jason Schoolfield, 251 Quail Drive, Genoa City; and Patrick Sherman, P.O. Box 724, Genoa City, are seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

Town of Geneva
N3496 Como Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Town board: Incumbent Trish Fahey is not seeking re-election. Newcomers Gene Decker, W4159 Hemlock Road, Lake Geneva; Larry K. Kulik, W3768 South Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, and James Pody, W2728 Hospital Road, Lake Geneva, will face off in the primary election Feb. 16. Incumbent Steve Kukla, W3776 S. Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, is running unopposed.

City of Lake Geneva
?626 Geneva Street
?Lake Geneva, WI 53147?

Mayor: Two men who have not held public office and a current alderman are running for the mayor's office in Lake Geneva. Newcomers Jim Conners and Scott Storms will challenge Alderman Frank Marsela for the top seat that will be vacated by incumbent Mayor Bill Chesen who will not be running for a second term.

City attorney: Incumbent Dan Draper, 1440 Linda Lane, is seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

Treasurer: Incumbent Germaine Clifford is not seeking re-election. Newcomer Teresa Klein, 1185 Rolling Lane, and former Alderman Tom Spellman, 270 Country Club Drive, No. 22, have filed.

Badger High School Board: Two seats are available. Incumbent Janet M. Giovannetti, W3803 Kelly Road, Lake Geneva, faces newcomer Tom Larwa, N3145 Center St., Lake Geneva, for the Geneva Township seat. Incumbent Helen R. Jacobson, 5686 Cranberry Road, Burlington, is running unopposed for the Lyons Township seat.

Lake Geneva Elementary School Board: Two seats are available, and incumbents Mike Franzene, 742 Sheridan Springs Road, and Joseph H. Spiegelhoff, 315 Lookout Drive, are seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

Reek School Board: One seat is available, and incumbent Bonnie Cornue, W4828 Lakeville Road, Walworth, is seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

Traver School Board: One seat is available, and incumbent Steven Mack is not seeking re-election. No others filed.

Woods School Board: One seat is available, and incumbent Scott Lowell, W4155 Jerseyhurst Lane, Lake Geneva, is seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

Town of La Grange
N 7899 County Rd H
PO Box 359
LaGrange WI

Town chairman: Incumbent Frank Taylor, N8676 Tamarack Road, Whitewater, is running unopposed.
Town board: Incumbent Mark Bromley is not seeking re-election because he is running for Walworth County Circuit Court judge. Dan Wilson, W5910 Greening Road, Whitewater, is running unopposed.

Town of Linn
W 3728 Franklin Walsh St
PO Box 130
Zenda WI 53195

Town board: Incumbents Jeanne Myers Allis, W3691 Snake Road, Lake Geneva, and Gregory Holden, N1614 Reedsville Drive, Lake Geneva, are running unopposed.

Town of Richmond
W9046 County Hwy A
Delavan, WI 53115

Town board: Incumbent Carol Behrens, N6327 Highway 89, Delavan, faces newcomer Martin Brunner, W9076 County A, Delavan. Incumbent Tom Kraus, N5903 Johnson Road, Delavan, is running unopposed.

Town of Sharon
125 Plain Street
Sharon, WI 53585

Village board: Three seats are open on the village board. Thomas Poyer, 167 George St., Robert Sachs, 111 Pearl St., and incumbent William Springhorn, 103 Pleasant St., are unopposed. Jeanne Blain and Daniel Hering will not seek re-election.

Judge: Incumbent Denise Gibbons is unopposed.

School board: Incumbent Darrell Frederick, N586 Bollinger Road, Sharon, is unopposed for the only open seat on the board.

Town of Walworth
N 1301 Town Hall Rd
PO Box 386
Walworth WI 53184

Village board: Three seats are available. Incumbents Kent A. Johnson, 210 S. Main St.; Matthew Long, 115 Prairie Drive, and LeRoy Nordmeyer, 116 Weber St., are seeking re-election. Ed Snyder, 224 Fremont St., who is serving as interim trustee while Long is deployed overseas, also has filed.

Big Foot High School Board: Two seats are available. Incumbent Michael Lynch did not file a statement of non-candidacy. District residents may file papers to run for the Sharon/Sharon Township seat by 5 p.m. Friday. Incumbent Ann Zubow, N395 Swamp Angel Road, Lake Geneva, is running unopposed for the Linn Township seat.

Walworth Elementary School Board: Two seats are available, and incumbents Linda Freeman, 121 Beloit St., Walworth, and Patrick Hubertz, 496 Fox Lane, Walworth, are seeking re-election.

Walworth County
100 W. Walworth Street
Elkhorn, WI 53121

Walworth County Board:

Incumbents seeking re-election and running unopposed are Rick Stacey in District 1, Jerry Grant in District 4, Kathy Ingersoll in District 6, David Weber in District 7, Daniel Kilkenny in District 8, Randy Hawkins in District 10 and Nancy Russell in District 11.

District 2 incumbent Joseph Schaefer is facing a challenge from Roy Lightfield.

District 5 incumbent Claudia Holst is opposed by Carl Redenius.

Newcomers running unopposed are Russ Wardle and Richard Brandl, who are seeking the seats left open by incumbents Mark Bromley, District 3, and Jim Van Dreser, District 9, who are not seeking re-election.

Walworth County Judge:

Circuit Court Branch 2: Incumbent Judge James Carlson is running unopposed.

Circuit Court Branch 4: Incumbent Judge Michael Gibbs is not seeking re-election, and four candidates seeking the bench seat: Mark Bromley of Whitewater, David Danz of Williams Bay, Scott Letteney of Lake Geneva and David Reddy of Delavan.

City of Whitewater
W 8590 Willis Ray Rd
Whitewater WI 53190

City council: District 2 incumbent Max Taylor did not file a statement of non-candidacy.

District 4 incumbent Lynn Binnie, 1315 Satinwood Lane, Whitewater, is seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

Council member at-large incumbent James Stewart, 745 W. Center St., Whitewater, is seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

School board: Two seats are available, and incumbents Charles Nass, W6087 Highway 12, Whitewater, the board president, and Brian Brunner, W8373 County A, Delavan, are seeking reelection. No challengers filed.

Village of Williams Bay
250 Williams Street
Williams Bay, WI 53191

Village board: Three seats are available. Incumbents Donald Parker, 354 Forest Drive; John Grove, 511-H Woodlawn Court, and Gordon Roth, 74 Upper Loch Vista, are seeking re-election. No challengers filed.

School board: Two seats are available. Incumbents Jane Smith, 79 Orchard St., Williams Bay, and Dianna Woss, 2721 Theater Road, Delavan, are seeking re-election. Newcomer Roberta Pollak, 4914 Bailey Road, Delavan, also has filed.

Other municipalities in Walworth County for voting on Walworth County Board and Circuit Court judge:

Village of Darien
24 N. Wisconsin
Darien, WI 53114

Town of Lafayette
W4614 Potter Road
Elkhorn, WI 53121

Town of Lyons
6339 Hospital Rd
PO Box 337
Lyons WI 53148

Town of Spring Prairie
N6097 State Hwy 120
Burlington WI 53105

Town of Sharon
N 1097 Bollinger Rd
Sharon WI 53585

Town of Sugar Creek
N 6641 Cty Rd H
PO Box 287
Elkhorn WI 53121

Town of Troy
N8713 Briggs St
East Troy WI 53120

Town of Walworth
N 1301 Town Hall Rd
PO Box 386
Walworth WI 53184

Town of Whitewater
W8590 Town Hall Road
Whitewater, WI 53190

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