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Walter Williams body bag: 'Dead' man wakes up in body bag

Walter Williams was in a body bag presumed dead but when his body arrived at a funeral home, he woke up, giving everyone quite a shock. On Feb. 28, The Inquisitr reported that Walter Williams, 87, was pronounced dead by a coroner and taken to a Mississippi funeral home so that his body could be prepared for his funeral services.

"As the staff prepared the embalming equipment, Williams began moving around and kicking inside the bag," reports The Inquisitr. At this point, Williams' family is calling his awakening a "miracle." Apparently they believe that he really was dead -- and that may have been the case.

Walter Williams body bag ordeal is making headline news around the globe today. While some people do believe in such things as miracles, others would like a more concrete explanation. According to the coroner, it appears as though Williams' pacemaker may have stopped working for a short amount of time, and when his pulse was checked, he was, in fact "dead."

Williams' family isn't worried too much about the reasons why or why not. They are just happy that they get to spend a bit more time with their loved one. They know that Williams doesn't have too many years left in him, but knowing that he's not gone is a true gift that people rarely get to appreciate in such a way.

More on Walter Williams' body bag story in the video above.

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