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Walter Williams alive: Miracle happens in funeral home

Funeral home workers found 78-year-old Walter Williams alive when they noticed him kicking inside the body bag they were going to unzip. reports Feb. 28 that Williams was pronounced dead at his home in Lexington, Miss. Wed. night, but the next day was a totally different story!

After Williams was believed to be dead that night, the coroner even assisted in transporting Williams to Porter and Sons Funeral Home. The next day funeral workers were preparing to embalm his body and that was when he began moving around inside the body bag. They saw for themselves that Williams was definitely alive and literally kicking. That's certainly something funeral workers don't see much of!

Paramedics rushed the 78-year-old man to a nearby hospital. His family is thrilled at this miracle and say Williams is happy to be anyone would be in his situation.

So, how was it that Williams was pronounced dead in the first place? The coroner explains that his pacemaker probably stopped working then started up again.

This is a miracle on a grand-scale for sure. Usually when someone is pronounced dead, they are really "dead." It's great that Williams is still alive, but to wake up in a body bag must have felt a bit morbid!

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