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Walter Williams alive after 5-hour death: Pacemaker restarts at embalming?

Walter Williams is alive after having been dead for five hours. The 78-year-old family man kicked in his zipped-up body bag at the funeral home just as workers were getting ready to embalm him. According to the coroner, there are only two explanations as to why Walter Williams woke up after having been dead. “The coroner said Williams' pacemaker may have stopped working and then started up again,” reported the DesMoinesRegister on March 1, 2014. The other explanation is that Walter Williams' return from the dead is a true miracle.

Walter Williams alive after 5-hour death: Pacemaker restarts at embalming time?

"Walter Williams, 78, a farmer who had been pronounced dead at his home Feb. 26 by a coroner, woke up inside the bag at the Porter and Sons Funeral Home in Lexington, Miss., about five hours later."

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March asked the coroner about what had happened “and the only thing he could say is that it's a miracle.” While the coroner does not know whether the pacemaker had anything to do with Walter Williams’ resurrection, it is undoubtedly a case where timing could not have been better.

Walter Williams is alive today even though the coroner had pronounced him dead on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. in his home in Lexington, Miss. After the 78-year-old had no pulse, he was officially pronounced dead, he was zipped up in a body bag, and transported to the funeral home.

Very early Thursday morning, workers at the funeral home in Lexington, Miss., noticed that the senior was kicking, trying to get out of his zipped-up body bag just as they were getting ready to embalm him. After having been found to be alive, the senior was rushed to the hospital where he was reunited with his family members.

“Walter Williams is alive, hallelujah. It’s a miracle,” are the words that Walter Williams’ close family members are singing. Just like the coroner, the senior’s family believes that his return from the dead -- or the restarting of his pacemaker at the time of his embalming -- is a true miracle. And what does the old man have to say? “I’m happy to be alive.”

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