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Walmart toe-sucking arrest: Man sucks toes of unsuspecting woman trying on shoes

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Police arrested the man who put a woman’s foot in his mouth and started sucking her toes as she tried on shoes at a North Carolina Walmart. The woman was shopping for shoes and this man struck up a conversation with her, telling her that he was a podiatry student, according to The Smoking Gun on March 21.

The woman thought that the man was a Walmart employee when he started helping this woman as she tried on her shoe selection. While she was trying on the shoes, the suspect grabbed the woman’s foot and started sucking her toes.

Mortified, the woman pulled her foot away from this man. She was visibly upset and the suspect offered to pay for her groceries, but he took off when the woman did not calm down, report police. Police released a picture of the man as he walked into the Walmart store, which was taken from the surveillance camera.

Michael Anthony Brown, 31, was taken into custody for his disturbing act of sucking the toes of an unsuspecting Walmart shopper. The picture that the Lincointon Police released caught the eye of another North Carolina police department who knew Brown.

The toe sucking suspect had been charged with crimes similar to this in the past and Brown is also a registered sex offender. The Lincointon Police booked Brown on one felony count and he is currently being held on $50,000 bond