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WallyHome connects you with your home

WallyHome proves it can give an added layer of protection for your home
WallyHome proves it can give an added layer of protection for your home

Protecting your family and your home is always job one, and a new product was showcased at the Atlanta Home Show, March 21-23 is aiming to do just that with a customer friendly product that is a game changer when it comes to home sensor networks.

It's WallyHome, and the idea is very simple. WallyHome is a state-of-the-art sensor network that watches your home for you. It looks at changes in moisture, temperature and humidity, so you don't have to.

"WallyHome uses the electrical wire already in your house," explains SNUPI CEO, Jeremy Jaech. "Sensors cover the areas where there could be a problem. There are six sensors- one for the dishwasher, washing machine, hot water tank, refrigerator, the kitchen sink, as well as one for a low point in the house."

If you need additional sensors, individual sensors are for sale in packs of six.

Back in 2011, 14 million homeowners suffered losses from water, freezing and mold, which resulted in about $11 billion in property loss claims. That's a huge number and your house doesn't have a be included in the next release of that statistic if you go with WallyHome.

You say you have insurance, and a home sensor system isn't for you? Think for a moment, homeowners still have to pay a deductible and deal with a rate increase. Of course your property valuse could go down.

Per SNUPI Technologies, here is what you get with WallyHome:

-Includes six Wally sensors, one Wally Hub and all necessary cords
-Web and mobile app dashboards detailing each sensor
-Current and past temperature and humidity readings
-Water leak alerts

-Immediate, detailed alerts via text/push/email, only when there’s an issue
-Primary and secondary contact lists for control over who is alerted for which incidents
-Easy installation using the Wally app on your phone or web
-10+ years of battery life

Yes, the battery lasts for over 10 years. You basically don't have to worry about batteries.

The possibilities with WallyHome and what it can do are endless.

"What we really have is a communication platform for sensors," adds Jaech. "More sensors and more different kind of sensors will allow us to some real interesting things (in the future.)

Take a look at making an investment for your home and your family with WallyHome.

WallyHome is available for purchase for $299 online at

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