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Walkway to cross OB Gateway corner in Summer

City of SanDiego (project layout map); Adam Benjamin (layhout)
City of SanDiego (project layout map); Adam Benjamin (layhout)
Work on OB Gateway walkway funded.

OB locals will not have to walk around the Ocean Beach Gateway plaza corner opened in January, 2012 to walk to Robb Field. City councilmembers, this week, fully funded the second construction project in the gateway work, a walkway from the plaza to the park.

At the corner of Sunset Cliffs BOulevard and W. Pt. Loma Boulevard, past the palm trees, behind the community wall, workers will build a winding walkway through the garden areas to the Robb Field grass and parking lot. The community meeting corner will have an easy path into the park. Workers will build the walkway so the disabled can use it. The walkway meets ADA standards.

Walks into the park open in SUmmer. Near the bicycle racks put in during the first Gateway project.

250,000 dollars was added to the project funding. A large part of the final funding added to the city's capital improvement project money for the year comes from development impact fees. Construction workers get the go ahead with 450,000 dollars in the project fund.

One of the projects on the waitin glist in Kevin Faulconer's former council district, District 2, the Gateway walkway adds a neighborhood path to the path beach neighborhood the busy Sunset Cliffs Boulevard runs into. Connecting two freely used open spaces in OCean Beach the locals walk, bike, or skate through. Work on the new Mayor's neighborhood development list moves ahead during Summer.

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