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Walking with your pooch

Walking with your pooch
Walking with your pooch
Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

According to, it is estimated that up to 54 million U.S. households currently own at least one dog. That means, 54 million U.S. dog owners have motivation to get moving!

Regular exercise with your pet is good for both you and your dog's health and can be great fun. After all, there's nothing like an exercise partner who's waiting by the door with a wagging tail to keep you motivated! Although many owners do take the time to take their 4-legged furry friend out for their daily or even twice daily walk, many do not. It's very tempting to just open up your door and let your pooch out for a quick bathroom break and go on with your daily life. However, taking just 30 minutes out of your day to go out for a walk would do both you and your furry friend a world of good.

Aside from de-stressing and breathing in some fresh air, walking has been proven to help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage various conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure, strengthen your bones, and improve balance and coordination.

A regular walk is just as important for your canine's health too. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53 percent of adult dogs are overweight or obese. Obesity in pets is associated with a number of medical issues including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. In addition, dogs can become destructive when they are bored or lack adequate exercise.

It's clearly evident there are many positives attributed to setting aside a few extra minutes dedicated to daily walks with your pet. So put on your walking shoes, leash up your dog and enjoy your walk!

NOTE: Make sure you get medical clearance before trying any new exercise or activity, and/or if you are starting a new exercise regimen. If you feel abnormal pain or discomfort, stop and contact your health care provider.