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Walking in truth

Fire Breathing Dragon
Fire Breathing Dragon
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When you decide to walk in truth and be your true self the first thing you must do is be honest with yourself.

Walking in truth isn't about being honest with others. It is about being honest with yourself, and it goes deeper than being honest with someone else about how you feel. When you walk in truth, you are rigorously honest with yourself about the false programming you have heard since the day you were born.

We all tell ourselves lies that throw us into states of confusion, frustration, sadness, loneliness, anger or some combination of these states. These emotions play havoc with our inner compasses and throw us right into the storm. They keep us from living lives of joy, love, and happiness. When our inner compasses are malfunctioning, we walk in fear, not truth.

When you are being untrue to yourself, you hold yourself back. You keep yourself in that space where you cannot distinguish truth from falsehood. It takes courage to step back and be scrupulously honest with yourself on every level. It takes great courage to face up to the illusions that stand in your way. We have all been programmed to believe in these illusions, these lies, and we continue to believe in them and continue to tell ourselves they are true, even when, deep down, we know they are false.

When a false illusion enters your mind, it is as if a fire-breathing dragon has taken you over, and you will know it by the emotions it creates in you. When that happens, when these feelings of fear and confusion flood your being, pay attention, and make an unyielding decision that you will no longer entertain that fear. Firmly decide that the dragon will no longer hold you back from the life you desire. Know that there is a life awaiting you that is better than anything you could ever imagine – and you are worthy of such a life.

Make a decision that you will walk in the truth of who you truly are, a divine being worthy of love and a life filled with joy.


  • Carrol Strain 5 years ago

    "Once again, you hit the mark. I don't know how you do it, or maybe I do. It is amazing, like God whispering right into my ear, your words and my words together just exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right moment. You are an enormous contribution to my life."

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