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Walking together - a balance

Together in all we do
Together in all we do
Beside me, not in front, nor behind me

Many of us are looking toward spring so there will be nice weather for outside activities. And some of those activities will be going on a picnic; maybe some walking in a park and then having a nice lunch or brunch, before going home and being back inside. What a grand way to spend a day real soon?
It is not always easy to undertake this kind of activity. Some of the time our care partner is more spontaneous in their need to explore and sometimes we just seem to get lost in the preparation of the food and necessary utensils. Perhaps it would help if there was at least one other person along to help keep things and activities under control somewhat better. You know many of us feel that way; however it is easier said than done.
As we transition from care giving to care keeping, it is especially important to (1) have time for ourselves and (2) maintain relationships so we can move back into society when we no long have the job as care partner 24 hours a day. Having a friend who has been down this road and survived is always a plus. While able to see the frustration, it is also easy to talk to someone who has the history of being where we are today. Take a look at close friends and new friends, and then see if any are fitting into the role of long-term friends. It is not easy to find someone we mesh with that has been down the journey we now take.