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Walking the dog - who walks who?

Days encouraging the drinking of green beer aside, wobbly walking with a dog is not fun. If your dog pulls, zig-zags, reacts to squirrels, lags behind, gets tangled in your feet or greets beings encountered on the path too enthusiastically or by hiding behind your legs, it's clear leash manners are lacking.

Dive into the season of renewal with renewed enthusiasm for rewarding walks with your dog. Consider this intensive small group 2 hour leash manners class. Limited enrollment allows for individualized attention and a shared camaraderie with fellow dog lovers.

When: Monday March 22

Time: 6:15 - 8:15 pm

Location: SELREC Board of Ed Building, Corner of Mayfield and RIchmond Rds. in Lyndhurst, OH

Register through SELREC.

For more information CLICK HERE