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'Walking Dead' stunt doubles? Killing zombies needs 2 people sometimes

Carl Grimes of 'The Walking Dead' and stunt double
Carl Grimes of 'The Walking Dead' and stunt double
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The Walking Dead” fans are glued to the television every week when the popular AMC show airs. Looking to see how their character will (or will not) survive, the viewers are always surprised to see how the individuals playing characters are so athletic. Apparently the actors have stunt doubles for some of the most grueling work. According to BuzzFeed on Thursday, even character Carl Grimes who is currently thick in plot line has a stunt double.

For Carl Grimes, the stunt double is 29 year old woman named Emily Brobst. She probably does all the intense scenes where actor Chandler Riggs isn’t either capable or not legally allowed to do them as he is a minor. There are others who offer a look at the world of “The Walking Dead” as stunt doubles. Apparently almost every character on the series has a double that could fill in at a moment’s notice. It seems that the stunt doubles in this show are so talented that the double is not often noticed, nor is it thought about how the actors come through the intense fights and dangerous situations we see. Being shot at, blown up and attacked by 'Walkers' should be left to the experts.

So how do viewers tell if it is a stunt double or really the actor in the scene? It’s actually quite easy. The stunt double’s face will never been seen, so if the person is facing away from the camera or has a hat covering the face while doing a stunt, it’s most likely a double. Stars usually want to have their face plastered on everything, so if they were doing a stunt, people would see it.