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'Walking Dead' spoilers: Does Baby Judith die?

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On March 15 Comic Book poses the question after a new spoiler was released; Does baby Judith die?

Tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" is supposed to be one of the best yet, and it's likely going to be a huge turning point in the show. After new clips were released, we see blurred photos of Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, and Mika walking along the tracks, however, it appears that Baby Judith is missing. Nobody appears to be holding her and she wouldn't be left alone because she would surely die then. Before Carol came along, Lizzie almost smothered her while trying to keep her quiet so that walkers wouldn't attack. Could she have really done it this time? Or perhaps she did get eaten by a walker while they were in "The Grove?"

In the photos that were shared by AMC, they are intentionally blurred, which seems like a cruel joke to "Walking Dead" fans by AMC. Carol clearly has something strapped to her back, but upon closer look, the blurred thing looks like a backpack and not a baby.

Would they really allow Judith to die before she's reunited with Rick and Carl? Did Lizzie kill her or was it an accident? There are so many variables that could have happened that it could really be anyone's guess. While it seemed inevitable that Judith would end up dying, after going to great lengths to ensure her safety, it seems senseless to kill her now.

Do you think Baby Judith is dead?