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‘Walking Dead’ spin-off starts in Terminus? New area perfect for story

Terminus has fans of “The Walking Dead” scratching their heads. Was that in the comics? For those diehards, the answer is a resounding “No” as this is a new, exclusive area to the zombie show and it might offer even more. According to Motley Fool on Tuesday, the area is set up to be a natural extension of the show and the backdrop as it is not part of the comics per se.

There is plenty of speculation on what might be in Terminus. The maps leading to the location offer only a few clues and characters are desperate to find the area that gives some relief of the traveling concerns. The journey to the location also offers a chance to better learn about the characters and kill off a few who might be going in the wrong direction.

The fans have seen a steady increase in the intensity on the journey to Terminus. With the idea of a new area, this could provide a storyline that unfolds to infinity. It also shares an opportunity to have a place exclusive to the show, to creatively play with the characters as they continue on.

While few details are known about Terminus, there is hope for the characters. Perhaps that is why the season finale could be a setup for “The Walking Dead” spin-off, which is scheduled to premiere in 2015.

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