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'Walking Dead' season 5: Life is going to get more difficult for the characters

Today, Aug. 6, "The Walking Dead" blog on AMC posted a Q&A with executive producer and writer Scott M. Gimple. In the blog post, he mentioned the differences viewers will see in season 5 compared to season 4. He also brought up that life is going to get much more difficult for the characters.

Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus star in "The Walking Dead"
Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

The second half of season 4 showed the characters being separated and having to live life in extreme circumstances. Joe's group, Rick and Carl believing that baby Judith was dead (season 4 ended with them still believing it) and Glenn having to pair up with Tara, who was initially on the Governor's team. There was Maggie, desperate to find Glenn.

As for "The Walking Dead" season 5, the beginning will show the characters being together, with the exemption of Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith. Gimple revealed that was is different with Team Prison this time around. He said,

"... things are going to get extremely brutal and life is going to get that much more difficult for these characters, but they are together, so they have more support. They have each other to lean on and they’re going to need to lean on each other quite a bit."

As most know, a team doesn't really work that efficiently if everyone is not a player. Even though it was revealed that Rick and Abraham have different missions, at Terminus they will have to work together.

It was previously announced that there will be a new romance this season and fans have been debating which characters it would be. Carol and Daryl, Daryl and Beth, Bob and Sasha, Rick and Michonne or perhaps one character will meet someone who viewers haven't met yet. Gimple said that romance is going to be an element, but not for a big part of the season. He revealed,

"... but as we get towards a specific part of the season, it’s going to become more of a reality and a complication. Human nature, all the good and bad parts, are things that both complement and compromise survival. Love is part of that."

Fans can certainly see it this way. Maggie and Glenn's love story tells us that there is hope and some form of happiness in a world full of death, uncertainty and walkers. Of course not everyone is getting together, but I think that is one reason why people don't want Maggie or Glenn to die, because they represent hope.

Gimple was also asked how it was decided which characters would die in season 5. He admitted that it is never easy to choose who will exit the show, but it has to happen. He said that when characters do die, the storyline has to lead up to it. At times, deaths are shocking and random, but it really does add up.

What do you think will happen in "The Walking Dead" season 5? Which characters are going to find romance? Who will die in the upcoming season? Mark your calendars because "TWD" returns to AMC on Oct. 12.

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