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'Walking Dead': Rick and Michonne's relationship to go in interesting directions

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira star in "The Walking Dead"
Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira star in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

A while back there were rumors that Rick and Michonne were going to become an item and fans even started dubbing them "Richonne." Those rumors were short-lived and quickly dropped from the headlines. However, the relationship theories might start back up again thanks to an April 7 post by WetPaint. The website reported that Rick and Michonne's relationship could go in "interesting directions on "The Walking Dead" season 5.

How the two characters have evolved are completely different. Since the first season, Rick has dealt with a lot of loss and stressful situations. He has become a bit harder and his life now is only about protecting his family. As he told Daryl Dixon on the season 4 finale, everything he does is for his son.

Michonne on the other hand was introduced to viewers as someone who was completely hardened, unable to trust (for good reason) and closed off emotionally. Since then she has softened up a bit, relaxed and has formed a bond with several members of the group, especially Carl.

Fans are going to see a new Rick in season 5 due to the season finale events, but showrunner Scott Gimple said that the old Rick won't be completely gone,

“Yes, we will see normal Rick again, but I think this will be the new normal. I don't know if Rick really lost it. If we're talking about the claimers, he did what he had to do. Things were about to get much, much worse. The steps that he took saved Daryl, Michonne, Carl, and himself. The next day, when he's sitting with Daryl, you see a Rick who is very much coming to terms with those two sides of his personality. He can still have humanity and be a father and friend, and yet he can also be the guy who tears out somebody's throat with his teeth to save them.”

He added,

“He's not going to be tortured about it. He's not going to wring his hands or walk around consumed by guilt. He's going to accept that this is the world he lives in, and it doesn't mean the end of him. It just means that he has different dimensions now.”

So what does this have to do with Michonne? It turns out that this new Rick and his dimensions are going to create a closer bond with Michonne. Executive producer Robert Kirkman explained that they both felt alone and that created a bond between them. Also, Rick and Michonne both have a relationship with Carl that brings them even closer. Kirkman teased,

"This relationship could obviously go in some interesting directions moving forward.”

Now the question is what does Kirkman mean by "interesting directions?" Is he talking romance, the two "parenting" Carl or does it mean something completely different?

"The Walking Dead" season 5 will air in October 2014.

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