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Walking Dead prank: Zombie prank scares Daryl Dixon actor, set by cast and crew

A Walking Dead prank has certainly left “The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus scared this week. Reedus is the actor who plays the popular character Daryl Dixon on the hit show. Both the series cast and crew worked together to set up this frightening zombie practical joke, with details on this trending story being shared by the Inquisitr this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

Walking Dead prank: Zombie prank scares Daryl Dixon actor, set by cast and crew
Photo File, Courtesy of LadyGeekGirl Blog

The Walking Dead prank was masterminded by none other than an experienced zombie impersonator and major fan of “The Walking Dead,” Nick Santonastasso. While in Tokyo, show officials paid to fly Santonastasso out to Tokyo, Japan, where Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and other show stars were also present as part of a promotional effort. With the help of show producer Greg Nicotero and several other talented makeup hearts, the team was able to transform Santonastasso — who only has one arm and no legs — look like a very real, very scary flesh-eating zombie for the viral prank.

Nicotero has had contact with Santonastasso in the past, with the teen from New Jersey very popular among the public after making his hit video pranks spread across the Internet via his Vine website page. His videos have well over 500,000 followers and counting every day. It seems this Walking Dead prank on the fan favorite Daryl Dixon actor is just the latest successful practical joke he can add to his extensive repertoire.

“In the cleverly executed prank, Santonastasso — who is hiding in a room service cart — is able to effectively scare the “living” daylights out of Norman Reedus while dressed as a zombie. The “The Walking Dead” actor only thought he was going to be interviewed in a hotel room by Japanese media. Lincoln, Nicotero, and members of the cast and crew also watched the whole stunt unfold on hidden camera video.”

“Santonastasso was born with Hanhart syndrome, a very rare and still not fully understood genetic disorder that often results in missing limbs… but he’s still got one hell of a sense of humor and makes the most of what he has to his advantage," adds the report. "He’s done other online prank videos before and apparently that’s how he came to the attention of 'The Walking Dead' cast and crew.”

There are actually very real petitions put into place to have Santonastasso star in a full-on role within “The Walking Dead” show itself, and having such a successful scary zombie prank like this may definitely be a step in that direction. It seems that Norman Reedus will need to sleep with one eye open for a couple nights at least to differentiate between the zombies Daryl Dixon faces on the hit show and the practical joke he had to deal with this week.