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'Walking Dead': Intense and terrifying season 5, the cure discussed

For months, fans of "The Walking Dead" have been looking forward to season 5. Even though AMC will not air the upcoming season until October, the trailer was released at Comic-Con just a few days ago. The trailer was absolutely crazy and viewers are even more excited for season 5 to premiere. So what else can fans expect from the first episode of the season? On Sunday, Carter Matt revealed that the first six minutes of "The Walking Dead" season 5 premiere are going to be intense and terrifying, with a ton of action. Also, TV Line reported some details regarding Washington, DC and a possible cure.

Michael Cudlitz plays Abraham in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Mike Windle

Showrunner Scott Gimple and actors Andrew Lincoln and Michael Cudlitz spoke to TVLine. In the interview, it was revealed that the first six minutes of "The Walking Dead" season 5 premiere are going to be insane. There is going to be a whole lot of action and there will be more layers added to the Terminus storyline.

Don't expect Rick to be as laid back as he used to be. Remember last season when he ripped his teeth into the throat of a member of Joe's group? It seems that same level of brutality might be seen this season. Gimple said that in season 5, Rick will be the complete opposite of what he was in season 4. In fact, the exact term he used was that this season, Rick would be "anti-hoeing."

The showrunner also revealed that the first six minutes of the premiere episode would be the most intense ever. The season is going to open up with things quickly getting very intense and terrifying.

Lincoln talked about his character, Rick Grimes. He is going to come back a leader, won't doubt his decisions and knows what he is capable of doing in order to protect his family. He added,

"I get to shoot a lot of guns and throw myself around the place like a lunatic."

As for Rick's family, that doesn't just refer to his son, Carl. Team Prison is Rick's family and he will do what is necessary to keep them alive. This season, if you are with Rick, then you are family, but if you stand in front of him, then you are a problem. In season 5, Rick will be an "uncompromising, brutal leader." Lincoln also said that Rick is a very dangerous man, but who still remains a loyal father and friend.

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Sgt. Abraham Ford spoke about the relationship between him and Rick. The two are not currently on the same page because Abraham has his own mission. However, they both have a common enemy, so they will work together.

From the trailer, it seems that the group are going to head to Washington, DC. Gimple, Lincoln and Cudlitz were asked if viewers would see how the zombie virus started and whether there is a cure. Gimple wouldn't give anything away, but did say that Rick and Abraham have different perspectives on the importance of it. While Team Prison is concerned about surviving, Abraham's group wants to get to DC and try to get answers, to cure the infection. As the two groups come together, fans can expect to see a twist in the story.

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