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‘Walking Dead’ go too far killing Lizzie, Mika? Killing kids a ploy for ratings

The Walking Dead depicts child on child murder: Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino)  and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in Episode 14
The Walking Dead depicts child on child murder: Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in Episode 14
AMC / fair use

The “Walking Dead” fans are going absolutely bonkers over the latest round of killings on the popular AMC show. The two characters that are killed included Lizzie and Mika with disturbing and graphic ways that almost were too sick and twisted for television. According to MTV news on Monday, the fans are wondering what happened to Lizzie’s mental state. Was she a sociopath? Psychopath? Lonely and delusional? IGN's Monday report talked about the shock and feelings of watching this episode, but chose to focus on the storyline itself.

Actually, fans should be asking how desperate is AMC for ratings? With two episodes left and more killing suggested, it appears that the network along with the show is failing to realize all the violence that the world is facing with children killing children. In our schools we worry about kids bringing guns to school, but somehow it’s awesome that a teen chops up a child? Yeah, “Walking Dead” is a great show that offers fine entertainment.

Up until now we have been a fan of "Walking Dead," but it was disturbing to even the men in the viewing room. As Jim in Phoenix said, "I have to put it into context and we aren't in that type of real life situation, but they did cross the boundary and should have been more responsible." Baltimore Sun writer Andrew Conrad felt the show was "unpleasant."

Don’t get all defensive on this issue of killing off character. It’s fine to be graphic and show scenes that make the story. Every “Walking Dead” fan will agree it is essential, but bring kids into the equation and things change. Even fictitious characters that are kids. It’s hard for youngsters to determine the difference between fact and fiction and this show has a strong fan base that includes people under 18. The vision of a surrogate mom killing her substitute child may confuse a lot of younger viewers, not to mention the adults watching who view their children as demon seed.

“Walking Dead” failed to follow up with the big mass murder reminder that this is all just a fake storyline and remind everyone not to kill their siblings or substitute children at home. Yeah, they put a disclaimer at the front and that’s all the lawyers require.

If people can suggest that violence in video games help seed ideas in youngsters to hurt others, then why shouldn’t this child kill scenario on Sunday night be overlooked? Perhaps “Walking Dead” was looking for ratings? Shame on the writers of “Walking Dead” as they value the ratings so much they failed to remember the basics of social responsibility.

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