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'Walking Dead' Daryl dropped hints: Crossbow-packing Daryl to be outed as gay?

Will the "Walking Dead" out Daryl Dixon as a gay character?
Will the "Walking Dead" out Daryl Dixon as a gay character?
AMC The Walking Dead

Could the “Walking Dead's” great zombie hunter be gay? That is a possibility that’s been pondered, according to the creator of the top AMC show. That would explain why Daryl didn’t take Carol up on her very forward advances a while back!

According to the Huffington Post on Aug. 16, the talk about outing Daryl comes not too long after a blog on the same website asked why there were no gay characters on the “Walking Dead.” That’s a good question considering the show is set in the near future and gays are as much a piece of the community and family fabric today as the rest of society.

Refinery 29 suggests that "having a character like Daryl identify as gay would be a major moment for both the gay community and television itself." Daryl's persona is overwhelming different than the gay men characters created for TV so far. If Daryl is outed as gay in this up and coming season of "Walking Dead" will the show's creator give him a love interest?

Since the “Walking Dead” has characters that represent people from all walks of life, why not have a gay person on the cast? Robert Kirkman told that “All I can say about Daryl’s sexuality is that it has been discussed.” Will there come a time that the show will address Daryl’s sexuality?

According to Kirkman, “We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we’ll tackle it in the show.”

Hypable reports that when Kirkman was asked if AMC would allow Daryl’s character to be gay, he said that “they absolutely would.” While the "Walking Dead" briefly had a lesbian couple, a main gay character might better represent the population in the little bit of reality that this zombie apocalypse of a show reflects!

AMC has portrayed gay men in their other top show “Mad Men,” but it was a fleeting self-awareness type of scene. That show is set in the late ‘60’s when gays weren’t as open with their lifestyles in comparison to today.

Kirkman’s comments suggest that if Daryl does become the gay character on the show, it won’t play out as a big deal. Some type of hint may be dropped or some type of conversation might happen, but then he goes back to slaying the zombies with his crossbow.

We’ve seen Daryl pass up Carol’s blunt moves and while he was caring for Beth last season, when the two were on their own, it almost looked as if a May-December romance might bloom. It didn’t and Beth was swooped up and taken away in a hearse before any love scenes could develop. If Daryl is gay, this means he was probably just playing a father-type figure and folks were just imagining a glimmer or romance in their scenes.

If Daryl is outed, will the “Walking Dead” give him a partner finally? It would be nice to see Daryl finding love in this cruel and cold world filled with danger and zombies.

Side note: Do you think it is time for another lead cast to be changed into a zombie? Fans haven’t seen one of the characters zombified for quite some time. Remember how gut-wrenching it was to see Sophia walk out of the barn? That was one of the most memorable scenes of the "Walking Dead." It's time to see someone the fans love turn into a zombie, this is the closest they ever get to feeling how horrific it is to see your loved one change into a walker. What do you think?

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