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'Walking Dead' 4x10 review: Glenn is a power ranger

Steven Yeun plays Glenn on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

On Feb. 16, AMC aired "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10 and while it started off slow, by the middle of the episode, it started to get good. One memorable and humorous scene was when Glenn looked like a power ranger as he fought off zombies.

Warning: If you have not seen "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10, then stop reading.

Daryl and Beth

The episode, titled "Inmates" started off with Beth narrating and Daryl appearing to be completely shut down. While he seems to have lost hope that the others are alive or that there are any other survivors out there, Beth has not. She remains hopeful that they will find the rest of the group or perhaps some other survivors. This part was really slow and didn't really have any action.

Baby Judith is alive

Next, viewers saw Lizzie and Mika with Tyreese, who was holding baby Judith. That's right, she is alive just like fans speculated. Unfortunately, Judith cries a lot, obviously because she is a baby and that is what they do, but it was a relief to see that she was safe. There was one scene where Lizzie took a knife to a bunny. It seems like she is enjoying killing it but then again she could be simply preparing it so they have something to eat. The girls bicker some and Mika ends up running away when she sees a walker, which is the worst thing she can do. It's understandable why she is scared because she is just a kid, but it is the same thing that Sophia did and look what happened to her. It just puts her in danger as well as everyone else who has to chase after her.

Lizzie really is a psycho and Carol is back

Later Tyreese goes to help some survivors who are being attacked by walkers. Judith keeps crying and so Lizzie puts her mouth over the baby's mouth and nose. As the psychotic little girl watches Judith struggle for air and her eyes having a look of fear in them, Lizzie blocks out everything except watching Judith struggle. She has a demented look on her face, as if she is enjoying it. Mika sees a walker and tries to get her sister's attention, but Lizzie is too busy trying to murder an innocent baby. So Mika does something very brave and aims her gun and then a gunshot rings out. However, it is not known if she actually fired it because next thing you know Carol shows up. Tyreese is so glad to see her, unaware that she took responsibility for setting his girlfriend on fire. He tries to question her on where she was, but she only gives a tiny piece of the story.

Maggie tries to find Glenn

Next up is Maggie, Sasha and Bob, who is hurt. Maggie is devastated that she and Glenn have been separated and will do whatever it takes to find him. She tries to set out on her own, but Sasha won't have it and the three of them end up going down the road that the bus was headed to when the prison was overtaken. They find the bus, but it is filled with zombies. They could just walk away, but understandably, Maggie has to know if Glenn is dead or not. Anyone who has someone that they love would want to know.

Glenn wasn't on the bus

It turns out that Glenn wasn't on the bus when it drove away. Before it left he got off to catch up with Maggie, but when she fled the prison, she didn't see him. He was lying on the catwalk when he wakes up to a group of zombies reaching for him. He does have a gun, so that is good, but he is still sick and has a wound to his forehead. He decides to go into the prison and ends up going to the cell that he and Maggie shared. He sees her picture and cries, which was so touching and it was just heartbreaking.

Glenn is a power ranger

Once he has a good cry, he gets down to business. He isn't going to be stuck at the prison, he needs to find Maggie. He starts gathering some supplies and weapons. Then he finds one of the prison guard vests and helmets. Before venturing outside, he puts it on and then leaps out into the courtyard. The look of him in the suit along with the way he just leaped out there make it seem like he was a power ranger.

Tara locked in a cage, made herself an inmate

He ends up seeing Tara in a cage, who is just sitting there with her head down. He wasn't going to stop, but changed his mind. Glenn is a good guy and can't let someone sit and die. He checks her gun and it's loaded and doesn't understand why she is just sitting there. He finally convinces her to get up, but she explains that she was part of the Governor's group. To her surprise he says that he knows. As they get out of the prison together, she starts talking and tells him the Governor killed Hershel. This was one part of the mid-season finale that broke the hearts of many viewers. Glenn is angry, shocked and saddened all at the same time. She tries to explain that the Governor lied to them, which is true, but that doesn't take back what she was a part of.

Abraham and his group just watch as Glenn and Tara are being attacked

She sees that he is devastated about the news of Hershel and tries to walk away, saying that of course he doesn't want her help. But he doesn't let her walk away. He tells her that Hershel was a good man and that he doesn't want her help, but he needs it. He needs to find Maggie and she is going to help him. Just then several zombies approach and Glenn goes into fighting mode while Tara just stands there, not sure what to do. She finally joins in and starts to help kill zombies. Then Glenn passes out. While he looks a lot better than he did on the mid-season finale, he is obviously still sick and fighting off all those zombies was just too much. Tara tries to wake him up, then she has to turn around to kill a zombie and after she stabs its head with the gun until it is completely destroyed, she looks up. Apparently there are people hiding behind the big truck. She yells if they enjoyed the show and three people come out. Sgt. Abraham Ford seems to be the leader and comments that she has a mouth on her and asks,

"What else you got?"

Not sure if his group are going to be good guys or bad guys since that question seems to imply that he wants to know if they have weapons, food or supplies.

Although "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10 started off slow, it was a relief to see baby Judith alive and really exciting to see Carol. This was definitely a much better episode than last weeks.

What did you think of "Inmates?"

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