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Walking in a Easter Wonderland

Bubbles Academy
Bubbles Academy
Bubbles Academy

Easter is a time for egg hunts, animals and flowers arriving around the Chicago area as well as time
for family. Many events are scheduled for the easter celebration including one at the bubbles academy in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The Bubbles Academy is play center for children focusing on music, art, and nature. The center features 14,000 sq feet with multiple play rooms to entertain any child. Classes start with infants and go up to age 6 with prices varying as well as open play a space for freestyle playing is free with class registration Bubbles Academy strives on focusing on the arts.

This easter is no exception they feature a themed alice and wonderland egg hunt. The event takes place Saturday April 19 from 2-4pm and 5-7pm. Registration is required with payment of $30 per child with adults and children under 4 months free. The entire center will turn into a alice and wonderland theme for the egg hunt. Children can paint roses and meet the queen of hearts, play on the mountain, or have a fabulous tea party in the tea house just as alice did the book. A concert will be performed that day as well as snacks and drinks for all children are provided for. The event will feature classic kids photography to offer 15 minute portraits for families that want to treasure the memory, to purchase the photos are available at extra costs. This Saturday stop by the bubbles academy to escape the ordinary and enter in the alice and wonderland egg hunt world.

Objective: To create a picture book of family traditions to showcase how each family has memories that tell a story.


Large White cardstock paper if unavailable use white construction paper

Glue stick

Glitter Glue


Photos of family events


1. Lay out the white cardstock paper, glue stick, glitter glue, markers, and family photos on the floor or table.

2. Ask children of their favorite family memories while on vacation or at special event. Lay out the white cardstock paper have the children place the photos of these memories on the paper by gluing them down. Have the children write their feelings in a short sentence about their memories next to the picture with the markers using such emotion words as silly, funny, happy, etc. They can use the glitter glue to decorate. Glue the card stocks together in order to make a book.

3. Keep the book as a keepsake in the child’s room so they can add to the book as time goes on.

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