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Walkin' in a nana wonderland: local activities perfect for grandma & grandchild

Meet other Nanas at kid-friendly local events. The Nana Network is where it's at!
Meet other Nanas at kid-friendly local events. The Nana Network is where it's at!

It’s starting to happen all the time. I’ll be at a mall play center, at preschool pickup or a kid friendly event, and strike up a conversation with a woman much older than me, child (or children) in tow. To be polite, I’ll ask, “and how old is your daughter?” And then the sixty-something says to my thirty-something, chuckling, “Oh, no, these are my GRANDchildren.” As I watch the kids play, grandma doing such a fine job of attending them, I naturally ask, “so where’s mom?” and the grandma replies that “mom” had a lot of loose ends to tie up around the house, and really, REALLY needed some help. To that, I always say, “She’s so lucky to have you!”

I say as much to my own mother constantly. I wish I could teleport the woman from Polk to Broward County so much, I want to greet her with the Vulcan peace sign. Even though there’s nothing Star Trekish about the 4 hour drive (most of it on a road that says it all : Yeehaw Junction) I think Mom will be coming to my rescue soon. We’re moving (!!) and I’ve got to pack up the house—easier said than done with a 2 and 4 year-old underfoot. What I picture (if I don’t get the babysitting) isn’t pretty. I see a light snowfall of asbestos as couches and TV’s scrape the popcorn ceiling on their way to the U-Haul. I see my youngest trying to eat it; me reduced to a Calgon commercial: Oh, take me away…”

If my mom can do me the wonderful favor of taking over while we pack up the house, I have a whole list of preplanned activities--to a series of late January events at Whole Foods, a place where I’ve seen Nanas engaged in fun stuff with their grandkids before. Whole Foods has Nana Wonderland written all over it!

My Mom will miss what Whole Foods has on tap for this weekend, but if you’re a Nana who doesn’t have to negotiate YeeHaw Junction, maybe you can take your grandkids. Oh, and P.S. If the Growing Cooks stuff you read about below greatly appeals to you, please email me at about a Nana Network grassroots program I just found out about--it's for those so young at heart, they put the “baby” into Boomers. And on that note, I want to wish my Mom, Grandma Adams, a happy birthday. She's turning 29 next Tuesday!

This weekend at the Coral Springs’ Whole Foods
810 University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33071
Phone: 954.753.8000

Sunday, January 24th
Story Time with John the Pirate Bard
11:00 a.m. FREE!
Join us for music and adventure as John the Pirate Bard narrates stories from the Golden Age of Piracy to kids of all ages in our Café. Sign up now at customer service.
Saturday, January 30th
Kids Club event - Mac & Cheese Made from Scratch
3:00 p.m. FREE!
Attention all kids, join Frank & Alice Meoni of Growing Cooks as we make Macaroni & Cheese using all-natural ingredients. All participants will be registered to win a embroidered apron hat and rolling pin set from Growing Cooks.

Saturday, January 30th
Creature Feature with the Sawgrass Nature Center
1:00 p.m. FREE!
Every month, representatives of Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital come to Whole Foods Market Coral Springs to teach kids all about a live animal. This month, our "Creature Feature" is the raccoon.



  • YMBFF 5 years ago

    Sounds like you're buttering up "Nana". LOL Great article and you are very lucky to have such a GREAT Mom !!!

  • duderino 5 years ago

    Cool. I'll come on by!

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