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Walker, Green Creek's trout hit dries like crazy

Typically, fishing on the West Walker can be very good in August. This year, things are already crazy as water flows are ideal, not so much ideal in another two months if we don't see any rain soon, but action is hot. If you like to throw big dries for fun little fish or have a little fishing buddy that could use a lesson or two on the water with a fly, then hit the West Walker soon.

Barrett La Rue used a Kaufman stimulator for this nice rainbow.
Photo by Brian La Rue

I recently took my 8-year-old to the Leavitt Meadows area for a little fun. We enjoyed throwing his Scientific Anglers starter set and a fun little Superfine Orvis 3-weight loaded with a Sharkwave and it was on. The eight- to 14-inch browns, rainbows, cutts and brookies couldn't pass up a size 10 Umpqua Kaufman's Stimulator. They smashed it in every riffle and every head of a pool. We started with a dropper under the stimulator, but we didn't need it as the fish were crashing the surface regularly.

We camped at Leavitt Meadows and enjoyed fishing for more of the same scrappy stimulator eaters into the evening. It was great to beat the crowds of July 4 weekend. The following morning we shot over to Green Creek just south of Bridgeport. After about a 4-mile dirt road into the backcountry. We came upon Dynamo Pond and saw a couple other outdoor enthusiasts, but that was alright, we weren't after pond fish, we were looking for more small creek fun.

Green Creek's fish were smaller, but a quick flip of the Superfine Touch and Sharkwave combo resulted in take after take on the surface with size 16 Elk Caddis. Again, four-inch to 10-inch browns and brookies hammered the dry. Numerous fish were caught in every pool. I don't know how you feel about dry fly fishing, but even when they are small, the excitement of the take always brings me back to these picturesque spots.

Swing by the Orvis Reno store if you'd like some information on the West Walker, Green Creek or any other waters within a two-hour drive of the shop. Myself and the other fish heads in the store fish it all and even fisheries far and wide. Planning a trip to Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Oregon or Washington, we can help or set up with a guide. If you like these reports and would like to receive them on a regular basis, click the subscribe button near my picture above.

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