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Walker autopsy results: Actor's organs being stored in a jar and other details

The Paul Walker autopsy results have come in after the actor's untimely death on Nov. 30 when the sports car he was riding in crashed and exploded on a street in Santa Clarita, Calif. TMZ published results of Walker's autopsy Jan. 3 with details uncovered by the coroner.

Walker was reportedly in a "pugilistic stance" just before the car crashed -- as if he was "bracing" himself for the worst. Besides the actor's body being badly burned, he suffered multiple fractures that covered his body. Various parts of his anatomy were damaged -- including jaw, collarbone, and left arm. His ribs and pelvis were also fractured.

The report added that there was a "scant soot in Walker's trachea"...meaning he took a few breaths after the accident.

Preliminary results of the Walker autopsy in December stated that he died from thermal injuries. The final autopsy report documents that he died from "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries."

The L.A. County Coroner has portions of Walker's organs in a jar. Insiders have informed TMZ that this is done for a certain amount of time in case lawsuits arise.

As for Walker's friend and the one who was driving the car at the time they were both killed, Roger Rodas' autopsy results were included in the final Walker's. Rodas suffered major trauma of the head with the top section of his skull being fractured. His brains were reportedly protruding outside of his head.

There was no indication of alcohol or drugs in either one of the men from the fatal accident.

In other details released by the coroner, Walker had 14 percent carbon monoxide saturation in his blood stream and Rodas had 10 percent. The normal level is said to be two percent.

Another fact from the report described how the car went out-of-control. The report wrote that "after impact the car spun 180 degrees, struck a tree and nearly tore in half before exploding in flames."

The Paul Walker autopsy report further shows how violent of a crash the actor and his friend were in. It seems that Walker knew the car was about to wreck. Hopefully he had no idea how terrible it ended up being.

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