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Walk with style

The unusual walk of some models in local fashion shows always fascinates me. At one show a model’s hips were thrust so far forward and her upper torso so far back that she was almost horizontal as she clumped down the runway in six-inch stilettos. It is not only fashion models whom seem to have developed a less than elegant style of walking in high-heels. Young women often seem to squat at the knees and stump along in high heels. They avoid the challenge of dancing in high-heels by removing them. Can you image Ginger Rogers either stumping around the dance floor as though she was wearing combat boots a size too large or kicking off her shoes for each dance routine. Fred would have been looking for a new partner.

At the other end of the spectrum are the women, who seem to not care about their appearance. Standing up straight with the tummy tucked in and the head held high is too much effort for them.

Somewhere in between are the big city businesswomen. These are women who understand the sartorial and image advantages of high-heels. High-heels, in particular ones with recognizable designer names, are a business accessory to be worn for important meetings. These poor shoes are often hiding away in desk draws or the bottom of bag while unattractive ‘athletic’ shoes become the everyday accessory of choice.

Women growing up in the 50’s and 60’s understood how to walk elegantly in high heels. Purchasing our first high heels was a rite of passage. The secret of walking in high heels is to use the ball of the foot to move the body gracefully forward. A heel gives elegance and makes a statement. We can choice when to use shoes to make a statement. For everyday non-statement occasions, shoes should be fashionable and comfortable but not orthopedic looking. Choose the heel height that you are most comfortable in.

How you walk not only affects your posture and health but also is also an indicator of your self-image.

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