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WALK WASHINGTON: Ruston - March 22, 2014

Walk along Commencement Bay and surrounding area
Walk along Commencement Bay and surrounding area
(c) Diane Hildebrand 2014

Introduction: Around the country, there are walking clubs who map out walks, write up directions, and have them available in most major cities. This is a great way to become acquainted with a city, and mostly, avoid the not-so-nice areas while enjoying the better and historical places of an area. It is even better when the directions include the historical trivia within the notes. All you need is to register at the starting point, take the directions, and enjoy the walk. What follows is a ‘shout-out’ for one of these walks.

Commencement Bay
(c) Diane Hildebrand - 2014

Once called Smelter in the late 1800s, this company town was renamed Ruston after its founder, W. R. Rust, when incorporated in 1906. Smelter was an apt name for this small town as this was the location of the copper smelter, the primary industry of this area

Except for the portion that borders Commencement Bay (Puget Sound), Ruston is surrounded by Tacoma (the 3rd largest city in the state). In 2010, the population was 759, according to the US Census Bureau. Once the location of the ASARCO copper smelting plant along the waterfront, the area continues to build, a large residential and commercial area renamed Point Ruston, which could increase the population by 1,000 residents. Interestingly, the project is bisected with Ruston on one side and Tacoma on the other.

The local volkssport club, Evergreen Wanderers, will sponsor a walk event this Saturday, March 22, starting at the VFW Hall at 4741 N. Baltimore Street, Tacoma. A portion of the walk is along Commencement Bay on the Point Ruston Waterwalk that connects the Ruston Way Promenade and Point Defiance Park. The highlights along this walk, besides the water view, are the wonderful tiled sea life scenes designed into the walkway.

You may start the walk any time between 9 AM and 1 PM and need to be finished no later than 4 PM. A great way for some exercise, fresh air, and spending time with family and/or friends. When finished, you may want to return to the waterfront for lunch at Anthony’s.

Happy Trails.

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