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Walk Vancouver's Renaissance Trail: Sailing on Sundays

Sailing on Sundays” can be as fun for spectators as it is for the skippers and crew of the sailboats that informally race between the I-205 and I-5 bridges on scheduled Sunday afternoons.

Walking along the Columbia River is especially scenic when the Sailing on Sundays (SOS) event is taking place.
Elizabeth R. Rose
Sailing on Sundays - January 12, 2014
Photos Copyright: Elizabeth R. Rose

This Sunday, as the storms moved out of the area, we felt a yearning to head to the Renaissance Trail along the Columbia River in Vancouver USA for a walk. The winds had died down and the rain had let up so it was great walking weather. Yet, there was still enough wind for a beautiful parade of sailboats on the Columbia.

The "Sailing on Sundays" excursions have been an informal race between skippers throughout the years to hone skills for the Oregon Offshore and summertime series racing.

Whether you are walking along the Columbia or dining at riverside restaurants such as McMenamin's or Beaches, the sailboats can be a welcome addition to your experience. They sail close to the Vancouver side, so you'll be able to get good photos and enjoy watching the skippers and crews sail.

The afternoon we were there, the winds were fairly quiet and the silence of the sailboats as they sailed down the river, around the buoy by the I-5 bridge, made walkers stop for awhile and admire the beauty of the boats, the sky and the river.

If you have a sailboat, and feel you qualify to enter (there are two fleets), visit There is no entry fee, but all participating boats are expected to volunteer as race committee for one Sunday of the series. Information and race results are posted on This is where walkers can find out the sailing schedule as well.

Note: Skippers may request free digital copies (large and small) of these photos by e-mailing the photographer

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