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Walk Two Moons with me


  • Barbara Friedman 6 years ago

    I loved this review because it showed, not only a keen understanding of what makes literature appeal to each of us, but also one of the best descriptions I've ever read of what makes teenagers tick and the way they see the world! Well done!

  • Kelly Hathaway 6 years ago

    I read this book a while ago and loved it! I still think of it every time I drive through Lewiston, and Sharon Creech does a great job at describing a road trip with wacky grandparents in a fun, yet still somehow sentimental, way. I think you hit it right on, Sal making her own reality is the real heart of this story and who can't relate to that?

  • Courtney Despres 6 years ago

    I have read this book several times. It has always been fond in my memory. I love how relatable it is. When you mentioned that everything is a big deal to teenagers, I giggled to myself. That is so true! I too love the fact that I can relate to Idaho setting. All in all I really enjoyed this book.

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