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Walk the dog for health and fitness

Get off the couch and go for a walk
Get off the couch and go for a walk
Mollie Uhl Eaton

Walking the dog daily is good for your health and fitness. So get off the couch and take your best friend for a walk. Start a fitness trend with your dog: go for a walk!

Walk the dog for fitness
Mollie Uhl Eaton

Our dogs motivate us to stay active. Use an extendable, retractable leash to give your dog more freedom to explore, and then walk briskly for 30 minutes at the beginning of your program. As you walk daily, and when the weather cooperates, gradually increase your time walking your pooch--a canine personal trainer--who helps you get up and go for a walk daily. Dogs are great motivators for walking because they are good walking companions and provide social support when exercising. Truly, going for a walk with a dog is more pleasant than going alone.

To spice up your walks, vary your route once in a while to give your dog new smells and sights to enjoy. While this might seem like a daunting daily task, the good news is walking is mentally good for humans. Of course some think there is a proper way to walk the dog, but does it matter really who is leading as long as the dog is on the leash and the human being has control of the dog. Teach the dog manners while on the walk for a little bit of the time. If repetition breeds understanding, then a daily dose of obedience instruction while on the leach benefits your canine. This way, you are the personal trainer for the dog and your walks will develop to be full of joy.

An exercised dog, is a happy dog. Likewise with a human.

Is dog walking really effective exercise? Yes, people who walk their dogs are more encouraged to walk regularly then non dog walkers. Plan for success. It’s easy to forget about healthy walking plans, so be prepared for a successful walking program:

  • Establish a walking schedule; plan to walk 30 minutes total each day.
  • Walk habitually
  • Walk safely and happily

If dog walking is “scheduled” into each day, you’ll feel more responsible for sticking with your program. Plus, your dog will also get used to the routine. Soon the dog will respond eagerly when it is time and the dog hears the words, “Let’s go for a walk.”

So, grab a leash, call your best friend, and go for a walk—today and every day! Dog walking is a great way to jumpstart a healthy exercise program.

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