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Walk In Shower Vs Traditional Shower – A Comparison

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The article takes a look at what traditional and walk-in showers have to offer to an individual in terms of a product and finds out why the latter emerges as the better option.

The refreshed and energetic feeling that a morning shower brings is beyond comparison. At the end of a hard day too, a relaxing shower can soothe our muscles and wash away all the stress. Many people also take a shower to simply clear their head. But these seemingly simple tasks seem like a luxury for a few people. While someone is relaxing with a jasmine scented bath in the shower, an elderly is afraid to do the same for the fear slipping against the tiles and falling. Yet another mobility impaired is denied this simple pleasure because he cannot maneuver himself inside the bath and is scared of stepping over the ledge. To solve these kind of issues, the walk-in shower came into business and has been booming ever since. Let us see the numerous ways in which this shower champions over the traditional ones that have been around in our bathrooms for ages:

The biggest advantage of walk in showers is their flexibility. As opposed to the traditional shower which goes by the “one size fits all” policy, these can be customized according to the needs of the user. Specific type of shower tray, level of placement for trays, kind of floor, right or left entry, full or half panel doors, no doors, swing-bys, seating arrangement and many more. The list of things that can be customized in a walk-in bath shower is endless.

The other big reason to prefer these showers is their durability. While the tiles of traditional showers are slippery and prone to cuts and scratches because of being delicate, these showers maintain style along with durability. Most manufacturers prefer using ceramic tiles for the walk-ins thereby making them long lasting which can bear the brunt of not only wsear and tear, but also of additional water pressure and dealing with people who have mobility issues. And so, there are less chances of the ledge or the handle giving way just because an elderly had to support themselves by putting a major part of their body weight on it.

Cleaning the traditional shower can be an absolute nightmare. Often convenience is compromised for style and hence we end up getting nooks and crannies that are almost impossible to reach while cleaning but the first places where the dirt and grime accumulates. And a stylish shower which has dirt corners does not make a very pretty picture. On the contrary, because walk-in showers have to focus on utility their styles are simple and blend well with the décor. Thus cleaning them becomes easy because inspite of being spacious, these showers do not have corners or crevices where dust and dirt can settle.

Apart from these obvious reasons, the other aspect to keep in mind is that – a fit and healthy person can use a walk-in shower but the vice versa does not hold true for an elderly or a mobility challenged individual. So in a family where several individuals use the same bathroom, getting a walk-in shower is probably a better idea. After all, convenience has always been more important than high-end comfort.

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