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Walk a Room of Technology, be Changed Forever

Innovative products play very much to our senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and vision. The dynamic effects reshuffles how we can approach socializing, working, traveling, relaxing, and the economics of living, whether locally, regionally, nationally, or globally. Old doors are removed, new doors come to bear. Yet, the thrill of holding someone in a romantic way is not replaced; the enjoyment of bowling is not thrown out the window; and sitting around a picnic table and telling tall tales, among friends, family, or strangers, in the jest of the moment, is still fun. In other words, the mere fact of owning a connected TV or car does not lessen the enthusiasm of wrapping a desired honey in ones arm, as a man. If you are not into real estate dealings, preaching religious themes, or, being a sportscaster, lawyer, truancy officer, politician/public figure, educator, seller, music promoter, to name a few, then the interest you take in technology, regardless of intensity, is not going to drive you toward such inclinations. In the alternative, if you like warm weather, technology is not going to reinvent you to love winter climates, nor another alternate geographic.

The Economic River of Technology flows thru Information
Sourced from website and or press release
The Largest Smartphone
Sourced from website and or press release

Let me refocus with an illustration. I have a stylus by; a simple product of phenomenal use with kindles or tablets, using a basic note app. Clearly, any items valued rich with practical usage will be in demand. However, there is not enough time, in the expectation of life, to come to know all electronic gadgets for today and tomorrow. Nonetheless, even a small snippet of in-formativeness helps flow this economic river of technology; keeping in mind, the knowledge intake, or willingness to take a sip or dip, remains individual choice; under this framework, we begin, again:

1.) Coolpad Halo, the biggest smartphone in the world; (;

2.) NoiseHush BT500 Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones with Mic;;

3.) Solar-Cooler is the world’s first portable, solar-assisted refrigeration system. Plug into the sun, and keep your food and drinks cool;;

4.) The Tiffen Company, showcasing three new tripods from its Davis & Sanford brand, and its 10-stop filter labeled Tiffen ND 3.0;

5.) Nyko unveils new power and cooling accessories for next-gen systems: Power Base; Intercooler for PlayStation 4; PowerPak™ for PlayStation 4; Charge Link; Power Grip for PS Vita (2000 Series);;

6.) AluPen Twist S™, the dual-purpose stylus for touchscreens and paper, by Just Mobile;;

7.) Sculpteo unveils 3D Printing Batch Control and takes 3D printing into mass production;;

8.) Leon Speakers showcasing their first powered soundbar, the Horizon OTO in their new Media Decor Edge TV Frame;;


10.) The Renegade Collection, by OGIO, luggage provides state of the art protection for all electronics and accessories including innovative laptop, tablet, and phone suspension chambers, integrated i-foam panels and crush-proof Tech Vault pockets;

11.) Liquid Image introduces first 4G LTE enabled Wearable and Mountable Camera; Ego LS;;

12.) The task of bringing brands together, customers together;;;

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