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Walgreens InStyle Designer Fragrances Are Worth Faking It For

I dislike imposters. People, things and fragrances for that matter.

Fake it till you make it, Angel.
Fake it till you make it, Angel.

Designer knockoff scents bring back bad memories of being chased in the parking lot, usually by a few teenagers busy hawking their designer dupe perfumes from the trunks of their cars in a first job scheme that was a bad mix between newspaper sales and Scout cookies.

I never knew what to make of said knockoff fragrances, other than that I had zero interest in smelling them or being chased down in the parking lot for that matter. That was until I found my mother and sister reveling in their latest drugstore finds and rightfully claiming bragging rights for their latest beauty discovery.

Walgreens is good for many things. Essie nail polish, Sinful nail polish, Lindt dark chocolate bars and now, Instyle designer knockoff fragrances that I would normally turn my nose up at.

If you're like me and have a vanity of refillable crystal perfume bottles you'll see the value in adding these dupes to your fragrance arsenol. Rather than douse yourself in $130 worth of Chanel No 5 for a night in, you can spritz the knockoff to your hearts content or dapple your pulse points right after the bath without feeling wasteful.

The key to wearing these Instyle knockoffs is to layer them with bottles of the original scent if you have them.

If not, no worries, the ones listed below TRULY smell legit.

I'm not lying, selling cookies or newspapers door to door, nor am I chasing you down in a parking lot just to make my first sale as I enter the workforce.

For just $12, my favorite designer dupes include the knockoff Angel, Chanel No. 5 and Obsession. I'd like to track down the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist imposter, and seeing there is usually a Walgreens drugstore on nearly every corner, it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Do these fragrances smell like terrible alcohol-ridden cheap dupes?


Do they wear well?

Yes, in fact they wear all day long.

Do they SERIOUSLY smell like the real deal?


Don't believe me? Read the reviews at Walgreens here.

I'll see you at the checkout, and I've got first dibs on the Essie 2012 fall nail polish collection just for sharing.



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