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Walgreens 9-26 through 10-2

Each Sunday, when Walgreens changes their ad, it causes great excitement amongst couponers....what's on sale this week?  Is anything free?  Any good Register Rewards deals?

Here, laid out in a nutshell, is an action plan for the week of September 26 through October 2.

BUY                                       PAY                       RR earned                   Coupons available?

2 Tilex 16oz                           $2.50  ea                 $2                               print two

1 Clairol Natural Insticts        $6.99                      $2                                P&G newspaper insert, pub. 8-28

2 Robitussin                          $5 ea                      $3                                P&G newspaper insert, pub 9-26

1 Sinex                                  $6                           $2                                P&G newspaper insert, pub 9-26

1 Fullbar Fit Bar                     $1.99                     $1.99                            none

1 Pampers Jumbo pk            $8.99                     $2                                 P&G newspaper insert, pub 9-26

1 Emergen-C                         $3.49                    $3.49                            none

1 Cough & Cold 4oz              $4.99                    $4.99                            none

Total to pay:$47.45

minus coupons, total= $36.45

RR earned:  $21.47

Register Rewards are coupons you receive at the checkout for money off your next purchase.  So, even though you pay $36.45 at the register, you will get $21.47 off your next purchase at Walgreens.  Good deal! 

(Remember to use the RR within 2 weeks, before they expire)


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