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Waldorf education for whole life growth

School supplies for the new school are starting to appear in many stores. It is hard to believe that summer is quickly coming to an end. Early childhood education centers are gearing up for open house events to give parents time to find the perfect center for their young child. Attending an open house early in the summer is the perfect opportunity for parents to visit a variety of early education centers, and to compare each before making a decision.

early childhood education classroom
Photo by Robert Benson

Have you considered a Waldorf school to start your young child off in a developmentally appropriate learning environment? Sarasota is fortunate to have a Waldorf school in the community that provides a quality education from age 3-high school. Parents who have discovered the Waldorf philosophy of educating children have very positive opinions about the experience. They feel that the educational experience for young children who attend a Waldorf school is one that is developmentally appropriate and teaches the child where he/she is in development. The child is never overwhelmed and is offered learning activities when the child is ready for the activity. A Waldorf education teaches children with an artistic approach. Academics are combined with creativity and real art experiences to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Children are taught in a way that they want to learn.

The Waldorf School in Sarasota offers three early childhood programs. Its Little Seedlings program is offered to children from age 3 and under. Children attend once a week with a parent or caregiver from 9:30-noon, and may choose either Thursday or Friday to attend. Classes in the Little Seedlings program are offered on a first come-first served basis. Classes for this program are offered for two 18-week sessions in the fall and spring. The fall session is offered from September-January, and the spring session is offered January through May.

The Nursery Program is offered for ages 3-4 and a half. The use of natural materials in learning activities is of interest in the Nursery program.

Kindergarten is offered at the Waldorf School for ages 4 and a half-6 years. The kindergarten program prepares children for future learning with real play and work. The kindergarten program is offered for either a 3-day or 5-day attendance. Social skills are taught as a high priority for young children.

The admission policy to the Waldorf School starts with attending an open house event. The Waldorf School is holding its first open house for back to school on July 26 from 10 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Parents are invited to discover the Waldorf philosophy by attending the open house event and participating in bread baking, puppet play with storytelling, and see a sample lesson being taught. You are welcome to bring your children.

The Waldorf School is located at 6210 Crestview Avenue in Sarasota. Interested parents may call 941-927-3711 for more information. You may also request information by email at

Plan to attend the open house event on July 26 to learn about a Waldorf education, and compare programs for going back to school for the upcoming school year 2014-2015.

The included video incorporates Waldorf philosophy in a short presentation for the importance of offering creativity opportunities in school.

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