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WALA-TV host meets recent 'Jeopardy!' contestant from Mobile

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Joe Emer of WALA-TV mentioned his meeting with a recent local contestant for the syndicated TV game show "Jeopardy!" on WALA-TV's local entertainment and lifestyle program "Studio 10" this past Wednesday, February 5th, and said he would interview him for "Studio 10" by the time the edition of "Jeopardy!" featuring him is broadcast during the month of April (note: "Jeopardy!" is part of WALA-TV's regular programming schedules for Monday through Friday and Saturday).

(correction notice: the Mobile TV Examiner article titled "New ads for WALA-TV proclaim them the 'one station that stands for Alabama' " was corrected due to an error in its quotation of the line "WALA FOX 10 stands for Alabama")

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