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WALA-TV notifies public about step in parent company's merger plan

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WALA-TV used the penultimate (or "next-to-last") commercial breaks for their local 5:00 p.m. newscasts this past Monday, May 19th, and this past Tuesday, May 20th, to broadcast both a visual message and an audible message (the audible message was delivered by the main announcer for WALA-TV's local news programming: Greg O'Neill) about an application that was filed on behalf of the shareholders of their parent company (LIN Media) requesting permission from the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) to transfer control of the subsidiary their parent company used to hold their broadcast license (LIN of Alabama, a limited liability company) away from the shareholders to a different group of shareholders for a new license-holding company to be called "Media General" (or "Post Merger Media General") upon the completion of a plan to merge the parent company and the current Media General into one company (WKRG-TV is part of the current Media General).

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