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Wal-Mart: Meat contaminated with LSD starts immediate investigation

In many areas traditional grocery stores aren’t available making Wal-Mart the only food shopping source in towns and cities in their areas. When grocery shopping consumers only think of one thing and that is purchasing everything that is on their grocery list to feed their family with.

LSD in meat at Wal-Mart has consumers very concerned!
Healthy Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Recently Jessica Rosado, a thirty-one year old woman who was nine months pregnant purchased a bottom round steak from Wal-Mart to feed her family of four as the news story unravels on March 10 from Fox 4 News. The family lives in Tampa, Florida and after the family had dinner they started to feel ill. In fact, they started hallucinating and went straight to the hospital.

After a while being under the care of the hospital in Tampa the family received tracheal intubation. Ronnie Morales, 24 who is Jessica’s boyfriend and their two children: Seven years old Elyana Serrano and six year old Rayna Serrano were released and in good condition. The mother on the other hand underwent labor inducement at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital to ensure the health of the baby before her delivery date. As luck had it the pregnancy was far enough along and the early birth went well producing a healthy baby boy. How scary for the family to have this happen and an innocent unborn child have to be brought into the world because of meat being tainted with a hallucinogenic drug/psychoactive substance.

The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Tampa police as well as the county health officials, state and federal agriculture officials started an immediate investigation into this matter. They needed to determine if this was a single incident or if more of the meat on the shelves of the Tampa Wal-Mart was also tainted with LSD too.

The police confiscated all the meat from the Wal-Mart and sent it to be tested. According to Chief Castor it seems to be an isolated incident but they still need to be sure for the safety of all consumers.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson pledged cooperation in this statement released to FOX 13:

“Like everyone else in the community, we are deeply disturbed about this situation and we are taking it very seriously. We want answers and we’re committed to working with officials to get to the bottom of this.

“We know our customers expect safe, quality food and we require our suppliers to meet the highest of food safety standards. It’s unclear where and how the food was tampered with or if the tampering occurred after purchase. However, out of an abundance of caution, we have pulled the remaining product from the store.

“We have been in touch with our supplier and they tell us they have no reports of similar incidents. We are also reviewing our store’s surveillance video to see if we can find any information that might assist in the investigation. At this point, we’re not aware of any suspicious activity.”

Police are still trying to figure out how the drug ended up in the meat that the family consumed and purchased from Wal-Mart!

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