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Wal-Mart decision making on RV parking


The discussion surrounding the recent proposed legislation in Maine to ban RVers from overnight parking in commercial parking lots continues on the Internet. The two sides (Campground owners/ARVC & RVers) have had their respective positions stated many times in several places. We wondered, what was Wal-Mart’s position as their name comes up more than anyone else's so we put out a call to their HQ. The first thing that stunned us was that their spokesperson called back in just over 2 hours from when we left our request, a type of responsiveness we are not accustomed to.

In speaking with Kelly Cheeseman from their corporate offices we learned about Wal-Mart's decision making on this subject. The decision is up to local store management and of course if there is any ordinance against his type of parking they follow those laws.

“We value each of our customers and allowing the overnight parking can enhance the one stop shopping convenience for RVers where it is permissible.”

When asked if there had been any issues, Kelly stated that they leave the decision to each store manager who can evaluate policy on a case by case basis. Wal-Mart expects this decentralized decision making process to continue. Kelly stated that

“Our store managers are committed to being the store of their community and evaluate opportunities for the communities in which they operate.”

The same policy applies at Sams Club. Thanks Kelly for getting back with us and sharing how this particular decision is made within Wal-Mart.  To read my other articles on this subject click here and here.

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  • QueenOfTheRoad 5 years ago

    We have Wal-Mart's 800# on speed dial and always call first to see if we can park.

  • Doug 5 years ago

    We really appreciate it that Wal Mart allows us to spend the night in their parking lot. We generally buy all of our groceries and other items there so they get their money's worth out of us. Unfortunately we have seen several Wal Marts recently with huge beams across their entry roads which keep the higher vehicles from entering. We skip by these and do our shopping elsewhere.

  • Keith 5 years ago

    Thanks for the comments -Doug, on average how many RV's do you see in a Wal-Mart lot?

  • Mary 5 years ago

    I'm in Anchorage, Alaska, and about 2 weeks ago, I asked security personnel who was monitoring WalMart parking lot, if RVs were allowed to park there nights. I knew from personal experience it was allowed last summer.
    I was told no, that in Alaska it is now illegal.
    I'm a bit dumbfounded. I've been staying in Fred Meyer parking lots w/ no problem here. Can't seem to find info about the new law anywhere online. Maybe they just tell that to RVers?

  • JBB 5 years ago

    We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Cedar Rapids Iowa last night (not one of your big resort areas), and saw signs which forbade overnight parking. These were clearly not 'local ordinance' signs, which we have seen in resort areas. We went inside to ask and the manager told us that we couldn't park there as the policy had come down from Corporate. We spent the night at the Lowe's next door. Sorry Wal-Mart lost our dinner grocery shopping.

  • Keith Bennett 5 years ago

    Checked with Wal mart and they have had no change in their policy. Here is a quote from them today 09/01/09
    “Many of our locations allow overnight RV parking. This decision is left primarily in the discretion of store management. Also, some communities have local ordinances, which prohibit overnight parking. We value each of our customers and allowing overnight parking can enhance the one-stop shopping convenience for RV'ers, where permissible.”