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Wakka-wakka to the App Store for a new "Pac-Man" title

Pac-Man Battle Royale
Pac-Man Battle Royale
Namco Bandai

Enjoying the modernizations of Pac-Man on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network? Settling in for the night with some simplistic and classic version on the iOS? Namco Bandai wants to remind everyone that Pac-Man, first and foremost, is a pixel-munching quarter muncher, and therefore is truly content in the arcades it was born from. Arcade Hero reports that Namco Bandai has released a demo of Pac-Man Battle Royale on the iPad, with an iPhone/iPod Touch version coming soon.

The game pits four Pac-Men against each other in one maze. They must fight for the power pellets against ghosts and each other. Inevitably, the classic "wakka-wakka" sound effect will play your way to the arcades, where you can play the full version of the game.