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Waking up with more than caffeine in 2014

Those of you who have a hobby of wandering the internet (hello, neighbor!) have likely seen this amazing infographic, detailing the best times of day to have a cup of coffee or whatever other liquid is your source of caffeine, in order to maximize its zippidy-doo-da effectiveness. However, if you are already heavily dependent on your morning cuppa, how do you help yourself wake up when a shot of espresso to the heart wouldn't open your eyes?

A very cold glass of water as soon as you get to the kitchen. Or, keep a glass next to your bed if you are truly not functional when your alarm rings. Many people wake up dehydrated, which adds to your exhaustion and fatigue, and the cold of the water can kick-start your physiological processes, since your body has to heat it up. Being well-hydrated can also regulate your cortisol levels, the 'stress' hormone.

If you have no appetite in the mornings (and depending on how early you have to wake up, this is common) don't lose out on the health benefits of regular meals. Toss an apple in your bag and eat it as soon as you do feel hungry. The pectin and simple sugars in apples (as well as the vitamins found in the skin, so don't peel it!) are a mild stimulant and will keep you from feeling ravenous by the time lunchtime rolls around. Also, it's an amazing fruit for developing a healthy digestive system.

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