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Waking up to our true nature

Waking up to our true nature is not an easy task. Constant self examination can be brutal. The ego provides many slippery slopes and jagged edges that keep us confined in who and what we think we are. No matter what we think we know, no matter what our belief system is, the truth of our existence is not contained in any one belief system. Rather all belief systems are pieces of a puzzle not yet put together by man.

Self examination is not something most people are comfortable with. It is so much easier denying what we do and say and it is easier to focus on what others do and say. None of us like to be judged but yet we judge others all the time. It is this duality that keeps us separated within ourselves and keeps the outside world separated from working together and rising above the petty differences that do keep us isolated.

Waking up to our true nature, if enough of us could do it, would change the pulse and energy of the world. By creating more compassion for ourselves and others it would ultimately do what many have sought for countless generations-create a state of peace throughout the world and bring an end to the senseless violence that plagues man.

But the road to outer peace first must be taken inward by each individual alive on this planet at this time. We all have the ability to work this tool called meditation. Most are stopped dead in their tracks by an inflated ego armor which walls us off on the inside. Most do not want to rock the inner boat or challenge the belief system they were handed when they grew up. We feel such a strong need to hold on tightly to the things we are told are true and are reality. But what is real? What is the truth? It varies from person to person, from group to group.

Man has created so many layers of what we call reality that the truth is buried somewhere within the struggles and turmoil of man. The truth is within us all waiting to be discovered. But it is a solo journey, a journey inward which will never be found outside of our own being. The bottom line is nobody can show another the truth, the truth must be found by each individual on their own.

I do believe that man would not know what to do with if we put down our weapons and actually worked at bettering communication and elevated compassion for each other. We wouldn’t know what to do if we stopped resisting each other. As they say our greatest enemy is our own self. It’s this barbaric need to dominate to bully each other that keeps man only a few steps away from the mind of our barbarian ancestors. It doesn’t matter how far we evolve in our technology if we don’t start to evolve emotionally and spiritually it’s like shoveling snow in the mountains with a spoon.

All of this anger in the world is there because the world is so unbalanced. Nobody wants to be poor but so many are closed in their hearts and minds to those that are. The rich have forgotten what it is like to be poor or have never known in the first place. There are so many factors involved in the formula that makes this world such an uneven and turbulent place. With the balance of money and power being so out of whack people still question why there is so much unrest and resentment in the world?

The models that we still live by, survival of the fittest and that there have to be winners and losers are very out dated and keep us from discovering more of our true nature. Imagine if we did stop fighting each other and actually worked together how much more we could achieve both as individuals and as a species? I know I mention this time and time again but it is this road less traveled that holds the keys to our survival and growth. To keep each other down and keep dominating each other will only create more suffering and misery and might just very well be the recipe to doom man.

If we refuse to learn, to adapt, to grow past our own small pictures of how we view life than things do not look good for us. This isn’t about one nation or another; it is about all of us as inhabitants of the earth. We need to find ways to bridge the gaps between the small picture and the big picture. It isn’t about us struggling to survive despite our own selves; but rather it is about transcending our differences and learning how to get along, grow and learn together and step into our true nature. That is we are spiritual beings learning through the mortal frames of flesh and bones. How do we live life in a positive way that benefits all and not just some? How do we live in balance with the needs of the many while not destroying and respecting the earth and her resources that give us this life to begin with?



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