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Wake up your taste buds, Tonguespank Spice Company

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When it comes to cooking, every dish needs to be seasoned. Even the most simple crudo can benefit from a flake of sea salt. But, simple, plain salt can be boring. Wake up your taste buds with Tonguespank Spice Company.

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Tonguespank Spice Company offers a variety of seasoning blends. These spices combine liquor and heat to create intense flavor combinations. This Chicago based company believes that food should never be boring. With these robust, bold combinations, your next meal will make you sit up and take notice.

Tonguespank Spice Company has five spice flavors in its line. These flavors are Smoky Bourbon, Garlic Grappa, Citrus Rum, Wasabi Sake, and Scorpion Bourbon. Each of these cooking spices are an intense combination of liquor-infused hot peppers. Far from the traditional cooking condiments, Tonguespank offers all natural, no preservative way to amp up your next meal.

A favorite is the smoky bourbon table blend. This blend begins with the sweet aroma of smoky morita chipotle peppers, adds depth and complexity with garlic and bourbon, and finishes up with a slow habanero-and-ghost burn that builds. The smoky bourbon pairs well with dishes that can stand up to a smoky heat. From kicking up a bowl of chili to making a butter for your delicate steak, the smoky bourbon blend will become a staple in your spice cabinet.

Tonguespank Spice Company sells its various blends online at its website. Individual bottles and various gift sets are available.

Don't be plagued by boring, tasteless dishes. Wake up your taste buds and give your tongue a licking with Tonguespank Spice Company.