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Wake up proper San Diego

Wake up proper San Diego
Wake up proper San DiegoBrickyard Coffee &Tea

San Diego mornings are beautiful but can be difficult to rise for after a long night; one local coffee house is doing its part to make mornings easier during the hectic work week. Brickyard, located in downtown SD, is a small coffee shop that opens at 6 am and closes at 2pm most days of the week but unlike your run of the mill get in get out and on to work coffee bucks this lovely little place invites their patrons to truly stay and relax. The quite little courtyard on the back of the shop allows dogs and is a lovely little place to sit in the morning sun but it gets even better; Friday mornings from 10 am-12 pm people invited to sit, sip, and wake up softly to the sound of live music. A variety of musicians have been part of the Friday morning line-up including xylophones, clarinets, pianos, and saxophones. The light music dances off the patio through the coffee house and on to the streets as neighbors and nearby workers stop in to start their day and pick up their favorite espresso, coffee, or tea. The light music is a welcome surprise to the end of a busy work week and the staff at Brickyard is always pleasant and chatty, even with a line. If you work downtown or have a late Friday workday, stop in, get a cup of coffee, and allow yourself to wake up with a little live music and unwind before the busy weekend ahead.