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Wake Up Lamar

It's disturbing to see those in Hollywood that start off as role models, fall victim to the dark side of the Hollywood lifestyle. It makes one wonder that if they never made it famous what they had come in contact with the people that offer them hard hitting drugs, putting it off like it's the social norm and they won't get hooked like the so many before them.

When reality is being presented through the many that has fallen and continue to fall, due to drug addition and hanging around those that have hidden agendas to begin with. The media wants the scoop for ratings not once realizing that the shame makes these stars run into hiding, grabbing their drug of choice to deal with the reality of how their used to be friends and fans are now talking bad about them.

High out of their minds they start to make Youtube videos thinking that they are getting back at people for the things that were said or done to them, but this is only showing the world that they are out of control, slipping deeper and deeper into the dark side of Hollywood's danger zone. With no hope in sight many fallen stars forget that there are people that still love them, while these same people experience the daily pain while trying to find help for the stars that are too prideful to take it.

Death should never be an option over receiving the needed treatment, or the thought of what people will say or print while you are in rehabilitation. The help is for you, not them or the press that print horrible stories while you are away. If one never gives the press a negative point to write from, they have nothing to report except the great things that one continues to do in their life.

Lamar you need to take responsibility for your life, as well as the ones you continue to hurt, due to poor decision making, along with scandalous peers in your ear. You are a superstar with great talent and even greater potential to be even more successful in life, but you have to believe this for yourself. Drop the leeches that only deal with you for what you can do for them, instead of looking out for your best interest and giving it to you like a real friend would.

The ones that will never make it to the level you have are the ones telling you, "take another hit bro", but you are smarter than another hit of destruction to yourself as well as your career. Be the superstar that you started out being, while letting go of the negative leeches that use you and your name to get into clubs for free, or free sex with women that think they can get to hang out with you. I hope you wake up soon Lamar, before the sleep becomes permanently, with no more basketball in sight.

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