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Wake up call for France: Jihadists planned to attack Eiffel Tower

If nothing else awakens the sleepy world to the threat of violence from jihadists, maybe this news from the BBC earlier today that French Intelligence has foiled a plot to blow up French landmarks and a nuclear plant too. It is al Qaeda again, this time working through nearby Algeria. Europe is a very small place and extremely close to the source of threats from radical Muslims. One may wonder if there is anything except radical Muslims, but there are many peaceful souls under that large tent.

Jihadists are a global mennace

The trouble is that the Islamic tent is very large and includes two broad sects and a host of terrorist organizations among them. They fight among themselves, and have taken their dangerous behavior around the world has we have all experienced.

It is past time for the free world to put its foot down against terrorists and radical religions. Freedom of religion is one thing, but freedom for believers who don’t respect the rights of others along a range of disrespectful behavior should not be tolerated. It can’t be.

Now, the reason that terrorism exists among Muslims is because there are so many poor people living under dysfunctional and abusive governments. Many people feel trapped and vulnerable. They are ripe for exploitation, and that is where terrorists are born.

When poor people see what they believe is exploitation by wealthy countries such as the United States and other developed countries, they grow resentful. When they lose the prospect to improve their plight and to live peaceful lives, their desperation can be transformed into violent associations and acts of violence that is terrorism.

No free nation can address the problem and effectively solve it alone. That is why there is intense cooperation among allies. That is why Americans should not be spying on allies because that behavior undermines trust that is essential among friends. Take the hint, President Obama, get this government of ours under control.

Eiffel Tower and Louvre terror plot foiled

The French intelligence services say they have uncovered a plot by jihadists to blow up the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and even a nuclear plant in France last summer.

Details of the plan were hidden in encrypted messages between an Algerian butcher living in south-east France and a high ranking officer from Al Qaeda.

This comes before the French government set out the parameters of new surveillance legislation giving them powers to monitor jihadist websites.

Christian Fraser reports.”

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