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Wake up call by Philip Seymour Hoffman's death and close friend drug overdose

Find good through this horrific news by funding a drug educational program.
Find good through this horrific news by funding a drug educational program.
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

BroadwayGlobal and Theatre Chat will use our voice and fan base of 180,000 shares to plea for drug education and bring good from this tragic news. This weekend has been horrific when it comes to drugs abuse. A stunning phone call from my partner about a close friend in need, and the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has ripped the hearts of the arts community. You can bring good from this tragic news by posting a drug program or your comments from your personal experience. Drugs are an issue in our society and arts can bring change.

A dear friend tried to overdose, leaving a note to say good bye. Just like actor Philip Seymour Hoffman we never suspected this strong individual of having any drug issues in his life. This weekend is an instant wake up call that has captured your attention to take action! The globe is watching. We must be leaders in our society, by reaching out to all neighbors and friends. There was no sign, we did not see it coming. So how can we reach those in need of help? Pills have become a way to forget the pain, drugs an escape from the crazy world we have created. That pain is deeper than any pill can cure. We must as a society find ways to help each other find our passion, find the air that makes us breath, what give us self worth. Drugs only give you instant gratification, but the side effects can stay with you till death.

Broadway Global and Theatre Chat have a large arts fan base. We plead to each artists, and every theatre, every producer to offer plays, dance, drug educational programs, anything that will inspire and capture the hearts of those who may find drugs as an escape. When stars like Justin Bieber admit to police that they are taking drugs, our youth find this entertaining. Do you think that our youth are not exposed to this information in middle schools and high schools? They are, and if we don't educate them now, we will loose our society to drugs.

Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, at the age of 46 puts another face to what drugs can do. The friend that tried to overdose, just yesterday is alive today. But his journey is not over. Having this thrown at us is not easy. We are also learning on how to deal with a close friend addiction, by supporting his needs for help. This story is not over, I will follow up with your shared links and programs. Everyday Theatre Chat will dedicate time offering links for support programs. Through the use of social media we can all open our arms to all those close friends, those who are crying for help. Find time to talk with your children, spouse, friends, neighbors as this is the only way to open the door to those in need. Just like Philip Seymour Hoffman, we did not see this coming. The reports are graphic and disturbing. How can we use this tragic information and our talented stars to educate each other? Take this horrific news to open a discussion. Go to your Artistic Directors of your local theatre, and offering funding for a play, a dance program, or classes, to educate while entertaining!

Let us entertain the idea, that we are a society in need of help. Drugs are not the answer. We are not experts in drug rehab, but we beg those that have lived through this, post a link or drug program in your area. Post what you feel has saved lives. There is no book with all the right answers or programs. Your knowledge that you share under this article will educate others. It may even save the life of a friend, classmate, coworker or a relative. Lucky for us, a close friend reached out when he saw the Facebook post of our dear friend trying to overdose. His first hand knowledge and education comes straight from the perfect source. I would not have been introduced to this information had I not just dealt with this close friends cry for help!

We don't have all the answers, but we have a voice through writing. We have an arts fan base of 180,000 shared articles that can educate each other by bringing discussion to social media. Your post and knowledge can be shared on social media and in arts venues to educate. Growing up in Utah I don't even remember kids hanging out across the street smoking. Those are just stories that I have heard from others around the globe. Much like "Book of Mormon" the musical, I lived a sheltered life, without even knowing it. But, as our talented artists fall victim to drugs, my eyes are opened. Use your voice and open your arms to those in need!

Broadway Global and Theatre Chat know the power of arts. The loss of Michael Jackson, Cory Monteith and Philip Seymour Hoffman cannot be in vain. Our society must use these talented individuals faces to educate and bring good from tragedy. Find a moment in your day to reach out. Subscribe above and click the social media share buttons. We are proud to share that Florida Theatre Chat has over to 8,000 arts fans, sharing links like this article. Theatre Chat's Official Site has over 30 city/State groups "keeping Artists employed and Patrons informed". Choose your 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year, visit and for more information. Subscribe above for Broadway breaking global news without monthly fees! Now measure your life in love, and share this post with your thoughts posted below, on your favorite social media site. Arts inspires our society!

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