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Wake the town and tell the people: The end of public education is coming!

The plan:

1. Get the senior, most experienced, and highest paid teachers out of the classroom. Put them into teacher jails where they get so disheartened that they quit and forfeit their lifetime benefits that begin at retirement.

2. Replace these experienced, sagacious, and highly qualified teachers with inexperienced teachers who are at the bottom of the payroll scale. They may come from Teach For America. “TFA recruits new college graduates, gives them five weeks of summer training and then places them in some of America’s neediest classrooms, presuming that just a little over a month of training is sufficient to do the job.”

3. More than half of the TFA teachers quit before they have taught for five years.

4. A teacher shortage is created.

5. Students are pointed to for-profit charter schools whose investors are the billionaire reformers.

6. The public school classrooms become empty. Charter schools take over the school sites.

7. The billionaire reformers get many of the school sites at great land prices and develop them.

8. No more LAUSD; no more urban school districts; public education is gone; private and charter schools carry the day.

9. Education becomes corporate and commercial.

10. Schools no longer prepare students for the next grades and for life—they prepare them to be mice, followers, test takers not risk takers, to think in black and white instead of outside the box, to be robots under control, not individuals seeking the truth and the best.

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